Commitment of Traders gives a snapshot view of how Leveraged Funds and Managed Money are positioned in US Futures and commodity markets. These are typically hedge funds, CTAs, CPOs and various types of money managers. 
Grain futures drop after Crop Progress Report.
Gold market futures large speculators increased their positions to nearly 4:1 on the long side by adding 120k new long positions.
Crude Oil futures tacked on another 1% overnight as tensions surrounding Iran continue to rise.
CTA model shows managers are long Fixed Income, Equities Indicies, Metals and Grain markets.
Gold has traded above $1400 for the first time since September 2013 and the metal is breaking out above its 5-year ceiling.
R.J. O’Brien Futures Broker announced several promotions, giving new responsibilities to key executives as a reflection of the firm’s continuing global growth.
There once was a time not too long ago that you did not want to be short Crude Oil into the weekend with escalating geopolitical tensions.. Last night, President Trump authorized a military strike on Iran but called it off after back-channeling through Oman and letting Iran know that Washington would rather talk.
CTA Trend Followers on right side of equities indicies, metals and G10 fixed income.
Grain futures profit taking, and position squaring continues as we inch closer to the end of the week and July option expiration.