Unlike most other commodities, precious metals have less to do with supply and demand and more to do with macro-economics. In today’s markets, gold and silver are less industrial commodities and more financial instruments.

Relief rippled through UK markets on Thursday after the Bank of England indicated it was in no hu

China’s stock markets continued their decline overnight with the Shanghai SE Composite falling another 4.64% and down of 32% since June 12. Markets have begun seizing up as sellers overwhelm the system.
When the market bears are growling, contemplating a trip to a showcase of the companies currently in the grip of that punishment can seem daunting, but resource experts say now is exactly the time hard-core investors need to be out talking to management, hearing their stories and figuring out which companies will be on top when the good times come.
The US dollar is making a comeback against its European rivals and the Japanese yen so far, but the commodity dollars are showing the most strength heading into today’s US session. USDCAD fell to a 2-week low at 1.2350 on some modest strength in oil prices and AUDUSD sampled life above .
Despite the collapse in broad commodity prices, numerous specialty metal prices have held or even gone up in the last few years: companies with the potential to produce these metals couldn't attract capital, and the tightness today is now likely to become shortages tomorrow, says Richard Karn, managing editor of The Emerging Trends Report.
The Stochastic indicator is quite a popular tool for commodity traders (including those interested in trading crude oil and precious metals) and it is not without a reason.
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will push trade, finance and investment deals worth tens of billion of dollars on Tuesday to help Brazil upgrade its dilapidated infrastructure and boost a slumping economy.

There are many good signs for a major bullish breakout in the beaten down precious metals,

Hedge funds boosted bullish commodity bets to the highest since 2012 as extreme weather threatened global crops.