The summer drought is starting to catch up with hog supplies, while cattle may abandon seasonal weakness for a long-term bullish bias.
The CFTC defeated a federal court challenge to a rule requiring mutual funds with commodities investments to register with the agency.
Hogs are trending as expected, while packer margins, the fiscal cliff and "heavy weight" cash prices could move cattle.
Consider this bearish tendency before you jump on the bullish bandwagon in hogs.
The long-term picture for cattle and hogs is coming into focus, and it looks fairly bullish. However, the short-term bias is more neutral.
Hog futures prices rise with little warning, while cattle demand takes a breather in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.
Hogs appear to be topping, while long-term cattle prices remain bullish on fundamentals.
Short-term trades are key for hogs right now, while cattle's bigger picture may offer the best opportunity for significant gains.
Playing September bounce in hogs requires finesse, while assessing cattle fundamentals takes a long-term perspective.
With the summer holidays largely behind, investors spent the first five days of September chasing yield, re-positioning their fixed income allocations and responding to the latest export numbers from Asia.