After the book, our stock market, IEX Group Inc., became a topic of discussion -- some positive, some negative, some true and some false. Fair enough. If you're in the spotlight and doing something different, you should take the heat along with the light.
"The CFTC was given a large swath of the swaps market oversight and regulation--tens of trillions of dollars in formerly dark market trading."
Somehow Messrs.’ Gary Gensler and Bart Chilton have been given hero status by those general and left leaning media outlets. That only proves that those outlets have never attempted to cultivate sources within the Futures and derivatives space.
Australia, Canada, the E.U., Hong Kong, Japan and Switzerland are deemed comparable with respect to aspects of Dodd-Frank.
The level of fraud in the financial system with utter lack of prosecution or accountability, combined with the ongoing love affair between the largest offenders and collective mainstream, results in financial media being a victim of the so-called Stockholm syndrome.
The derivatives regulator may dwindle to just two voting commissioners and struggle to approve new rules.
Bart Chilton, a U.S. regulator known for using pop music lyrics to make points about the impact of derivatives and commodity trading on consumers, said he will step down from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
A CFTC commissioner says regulators should double check that the CME's wash-trade plan is sufficient.
CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton says high-frequency wash trades distort liquidity and prices.