Most trading news is irrelevant. Too much effort is spent scrolling irrelevant trade headlines, but only the top futures traders know what to ignore. This article shows traders some basic Tweetdeck filters for breaking news that impacts markets.
Tweetdeck is one of the fastest and most advanced news streamers designed for active traders. Traders use news services to get a jump on other traders as the story circulates through the different types of media.

ICE: NA corporate bonds volume traded on the ICE Credit Trade electronic trading platform was $5.7b (+52% y/y) during 1Q17, setting a record.

U.S. President Donald Trump said he was actively considering breaking up big banks.
Bloomberg continues to build on its role as a leading data and technology provider for fixed income professionals, announcing a significant uptick in the use of its Bid/Offer List Trading application (BOLT on the Bloomberg Professional service) among buy side and sell side participants trading U.S. Dollar and Canadian Dollar-denominated corporate bonds.
Bloomberg reported that JPMorgan Chase & Co. plans to move hundreds of London-based bankers to expanded offices in Dublin, Frankfurt and Luxembourg to preserve easy access to the European Union’s single market after Brexit, according to the firm’s head of investment banking Daniel Pinto.
Foreign exchange traders face challenges in managing currency exposures
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During a rather informative meeting with the Bloomberg Metals Team in New York last week and also add a little information that I have gleaned from a recent interview with the Mining Minister of Chile and I think it’s time to share with you my current viewpoint on Copper.