Big Data

The ultimate list of global proprietary trading firms.
The primary use case for PreData is monitoring global geopolitical risks. Very useful alternative data for Global Macro traders and hedge funds and risk managers.
Alternative Data is the hot new alpha generator for hedge funds and traders. We periodically survey and review the Top Alternative Data providers to deliver unique insights and alpha capturing ideas.
Powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution for asset managers to discover actionable insight from unstructured data acquired.
M Science, is a pioneer and leader in providing alternative data solutions to supplement core data in investment research for buy-side investment firms and hedge funds.
2013 was a historical year for both the gold bullion market and the fight for sound money. Not only did the gold price fail to rise for the first time in twelve years but a new currency took centre stage – bitcoin.
Amid the cacophony of the narrative of algorithmic trading unfolds the story of Complex Event Processing (CEP), a new breed of technology and a tool for understanding data.
The exponential growth of data is challenging our ability to process it effectively to exploit what it contains.