Beginner Basics

Learn how to identify and take advantage of technical patterns
Still not sure on what markets are for you? Here are some more guidelines for selecting the markets to watch and trade from the perspective of a new trader.
Here's more on placing orders. This article focuses on using stop orders to enter positions.
Proven guidelines of master traders
Your broker isn't always rights. Here are some steps to take when you need to fix brokerage errors.
Starting off with unrealistic expectations will lead to frustration. Here are a few facts to dispel those unrealistic expectations.
You have several options for getting into and out of a trade. Here are some tips on how to place buy and sell orders.
Trade on paper before you trade with paper. Here's an introduction on the process of paper trading before you risk real money.
A few pointers on how you should go about selecting the markets you'll trade.
If your trading success is going to be based on something other than chance, you must develop a trading plan of action. Here are some thoughts on price prediction, risk management and individuality.