Bank of Canada

The Bank of Canada is highly unlikely to raise interest rates at the conclusion of its policy meeting on Wednesday.
U.S. futures are almost flat ahead of the open on Wednesday, broadly reflecting the kind of moves seen elsewhere as safe haven flows subside but risk appetite remains weak.
The European Central Bank’s large bond buying programme appears to be finally working its magic.

As expected, the first major central bank “decision” of the week was not much of a decision at all.

After shocking markets with an interest rate cut at the start of the year, the Bank of Canada is expected to end 2015 on a more sedate note, holding rates steady through next year and waiting for better U.S. growth to provide a boost, a Reuters poll found.
The next 48 hours will be massive for global central banks, with major monetary policy decisions taking place in Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and Russia all on tap this week.
It’s been an action-packed morning for USD/CAD traders, and the excitement is likely to carry over for at least the next 24 hours.

It has been a quiet morning in regards to North American markets as the economic calendar was mostly blasé thanks to no US news being released and only the

Last week, we noted the almost eerie synchronized easing from many of the world’s major central banks.<

The Bank of Canada unexpectedly cut its main interest rate by a quarter percentage point, saying the oil- price shock will drag down inflation and weigh on everything from exports to business and consumer spending.