Many people check their horoscopes in the morning, but do you check your market’s horoscope? One woman does and has written a book about it.

A. 9/14 AC – Saturn 45 U.S. Saturn. Moderate change in trend for U.S. stocks, T-notes and the U.S. dollar.

With all this talk of war and tapering, it might be time to step back and look more at forces outside of human control and their impact on precious metal prices. Is it so unusual to ask if something older than mankind might be affecting how we price these metals?
When the DJIA surpassed its previous all-time high on March 5, 2013, set six years earlier, it followed in the astrological path of its two previous 45-year cycles based on the interaction between Saturn and Uranus, planets that impact financial and economic events.
Studying the stars is as age-old as man. Our "in-house" astrologer looks at PFG's astrological chart to see what might have been warnings.