Recently, the Trump Administration introduced trade barriers on the imports of washing machines and solar products. This move was based on a World Trade Organization rule that allows countries to re-introduce trade barriers in cases where evidence clearly suggests that “a domestic industry is injured or threatened with injury caused by a surge in imports.”
Growth in China's manufacturing sector in May kept pace with the previous month, an official survey showed on Wednesday, beating expectations in a reassuring sign the world's second-biggest economy is not losing too much steam after a solid first quarter performance.
Commodities could be on the verge of a massive surge.
As an add on for my miners and refiners, I do watch the price movement of ferrous metals, and yes, as of late they have just tanked downward with iron leading the pack at -16%, steel (-6%), aluminum (-7%), copper (-9%) and nickel (-8%), with all of these markets just cratering to new lows and with record breaking downward action in some cases, resembling more of an anvil dropping off a cliff, rather than the normal day to day trading action. In some areas, such as rolled sheet steel, it was limit down last week, which ended up being 6% of the entire base price of rolled steel.

The Chinese economy is writhing and global markets are convulsing. On Monday, 4 January and on Thursday, 7 January 2016 Chinese markets were shut down when the circuit breakers tripped.

Chairman of Clean TeQ Holdings Limited, Sam Riggall, talks to The Gold Report on cleaner water and stronger aluminum.
Alcoa Inc said on Monday it will split into two companies to separate its struggling aluminum smelting operations from production of lightweight metals for its faster-growing aerospace and automotive business.
Copper steadied on Tuesday as investors weighed the positive impact of a cut in China's bank reserve requirements against signs of disappointing Chinese demand in what should be a strong quarter.
Copper jumped to a 3-week high on Monday after China eased monetary policy to stimulate a slowing economy, but prices fell back as hopes receded for stronger demand triggered by the move.
The Bloomberg Commodity Index advanced 0.7%, as West Texas Intermediate for March delivery climbed to $50.25 a barrel in New York. Brent rose 4.1% to $56.90 a barrel.