Alpha Hunters

Successful trading is a process and the quickest, most direct route is not always the best. We discuss the roundabout method with “The Dao of Capital” author Mark Spitznagel.
Swapping his career at PIMCO to start his own firm, John Brynjolfsson talks with us about trading, the economy and launching a global macro hedge fund firm in 2009, arguably one of the most difficult times to start a fund.
Jack Schwager saw early on that it takes more than technical knowledge to be a good trader. Through his “Market Wizards” books, he has given an inside-look at what makes a trader great.
Menachem Sternberg has worked as an economist, academic, discretionary trader and systematic trader. We talk with Sternberg about markets, economic policy and the “new normal” market environment that has existed since the 2008 economic meltdown.
Although he first operated a CTA in the go-go ’80s and ’90s, Steve DeCook now is taking a more conservative approach. We talk to him about running a CTA in two different eras, the money flow trade and fundamentals in the grain markets
Although he is famous for his calls in gold, Jim Sinclair has accumulated a wealth of market knowledge over the last 50 years. We talk with him about what gold is telling us about the recovery.