American International Group Inc. is joining insurers offering products that offer consumers safeguards against hackers and cyber criminals who might steal personal data.

"One of the big causes for the stagnation of middle class wages is essentially because of clever computer programs."

A judge's ruling that MetLife Inc is not "too big to fail" opens up an opportunity for insurer American International Group Inc to seek an exemption from the tag, AIG Chief Executive Peter Hancock

Activist investor Carl Icahn said he may propose adding a new director to American International Group's board, saying Peter Hancock, AIG's chief executive, was unlikely to "sincerely consider" his suggestion to split the company into three.
Bloomberg's Matt Levine explains why Russia wants in on currency wars amidst threats of recession, surging inflation, and a terribly weak ruble.
American International Group Inc. Chairman Steve Miller said lawmakers should bring U.S. corporate tax rates in line with other nations’ to halt firms from switching their legal address to cut obligations.
American International Group Inc., Prudential Financial Inc. and a unit of General Electric Co. were identified by U.S. regulators as potential risks to the financial system in a step toward putting the firms under tighter government scrutiny.
American International Group Inc., the insurer that repaid a U.S. bailout, posted its first loss in five quarters on costs tied to a deal to sell its plane-leasing unit.
American International Group Inc.’s rescue is coming to an end more than four years after the U.S. took over the company to save the global economy
Speaking at the American Banker Regulatory Symposium, Under Secretary for Domestic Finance Mary Miller reflected on what the country experienced as it went through the 2008 financial crisis and how it is emerging from it now.