500th issue

The CFMA meant different things to different groups and to the Futures Industry Association and the large bank future commission merchants that had come to dominate its leadership, it meant the potential of delinking clearing from exchanges.
The 500th issue represents a faithful compendium of these milestone events. Our 500th issue is a tribute to Commodities magazine creator Edgar Lofton's vision.
We selected the most significant covers from 500 issues of Commodities and Futures magazine.
Leo has been generous with his time over the years; here are some of the important interviews and stories featuring Mr. Melamed.
Here are the top 10 Technology & Trading stories written by Murray A. Ruggiero Jr. Ruggiero just celebrated his 20th anniversary, corresponding with Futures 500th issue, as a contributor to Futures.
In touching on our various anniversary issues we pointed out highlights like our interview with Richard Dennis, perhaps the first all-star futures trader, in the first issue of Futures magazine.
Few would argue that the modern era of futures markets began with the birth of financial futures at the International Monetary Market of the CME and its launch of currency futures in 1972.
Asia, water, big data, intellectual property and commodities that have not been invented yet will likely be the leading markets in the next 20 years, according to Richard Sandor, who has a pretty good track record on these things.
July/August Editor's Note from Dan Collins.
Commodities/Futures magazine had good timing as it started at the beginning of a revolution in trading and risk management. Here are some highlights from over the years.