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For a little more than 30 years live cattle has traded in a range between $50 and $100 per hundred-weight.

Mainstream market mavens tell us that we are in the midst of a long (in-the-tooth) bull market. This technician thinks that is bull.
OPEC’s bid to regain market share by starting a price war didn’t work so well. Will a disciplined production cut work?
The Dodd-Frank Act was particularly hard on small banks, accelerating the established bank consolidation trend, which is likely to continue. While not an ideal time for small bankers, small banks offer solid investing opportunities.

For several years now the major driver—at least as measured by financial analysts—in nearly all financial markets, not just Treasuries, has been expectations on movement by the U.S.

Traditional retail is not dead, but needs to ramp up its IT capabilities to compete with e-commerce. We look at companies with holistic technology stocks that are embracing “unified commerce.”
There are many factors contributing to how natural gas prices might move as El Niño fades, and not all are weather related.
Commodities have had a tough go of it for several years, and while things may be turning...

At one point last year I was with a zero weight in the overvalued healthcare sector. 

Gold as an inflation hedge may be overpriced.