Trading Strategies

In January 2015 at a Managed Funds Association conference I presented findings on the apparent relationship between commodity trading advisor (CTA) drawdowns and the Federal Reserve balance sheet, specifically the outright held securities part of it). The theme of the panel, and a subsequent research paper was: “Managed Futures and CTAs — Where are We and What's Next?”
The beauty of vertical options spread is that you can design trades in stocks or futures based on a specific market outlook. Traders can use option strategies to define the levels of risk and reward.
This strategy that allows banks to add to their bottom line without inducing duration risk is also appropriate for money managers.
For a restaurant stock pairs trade we tapped one of the sector’s leading analysts for his best long and short picks.
Megaphone patterns were first described in Richard Schabacker’s 1932 book: “Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits,” as rare and intricate patterns.
Harold Hamm, CEO of Continental Resources, recently had these words of advice for fellow American shale producers: “Save that money. Avoid selling that production in this poor market and wait for service costs to fall [further] before completing those wells.”
“By hedging now, companies are assured of protection if rates spike sooner than widely expected, while bearing only minimal cost.”
Natural gas regained the $4.00 for the first time since July 17 in the September contract. Some of the run up was on weather.
Infrastructure investment in India is a long-term theme, and is going to require a lot of raw materials and fuel sources. It's one thing to generate power; it's another thing to actually distribute that power.
A look at the S&P 500, crude oil and gold markets.