Trader Lists

We asked traders, "The Dow Jones surpassed both the 17,000 mark and 18,000 mark for the first time in its history in 2014. What is more likely in 2015, the Dow hitting 20K or a major correction of 10-20%?"
Sometimes, the most obvious opportunity is staring you in the face, stubbornly demanding attention as you look past it.
With geopolitical crises on the upswing it is interesting to look at who is maintaining large gold reserves.
Trading has attracted many celebrities, either on their way to fortune, or after retirement from their first career.
This week's question was, "Did crude oil hit a bottom at $43.58 on Jan. 29? What do you expect the range to be for the rest of the year?"
For anyone bearish on the progress made by the U.S. economy, consider this: Computers are now one-1,100th of their price 35 years ago.
Many of us know the “January Effect," also referred to as the “January Barometer,” refers to the belief that equity market performance in the month of January will predict how the market will perform throughout the year. It appears to no longer work.
The best of 2014 from the publisher’s perspective.
U.S. gas prices are projected to fall below $2 per gallon on average this week.
For the markets, 2014 was an interesting and volatile year, which drew more people to learn about investing and search for that elusive Holy Grail. Through Amazon, we populated a list of the top selling investing books as well as the highest rated books based on customer reviews. Click through to see our list of top 5 bestsellers in investing.