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With the movie "Trading Places" celebrating 30 years this year and the upcoming launch of our own video and movie player, Alpha TV, we looked back at our list of Top Trading Movies. We took a crack at this last year, but here are our revised and expanded choices.
We asked traders, now that it's experienced a correction, will the euro reach parity with the dollar? If so, when? And what comes next?

Following the Federal Reserve's dedication to patience, traders may have jumped the shark in an unexpected sell-off in February.

When you consider choosing a college or university for your higher education, there are several factors that could affect your decision. Location is a common one, cost another, as well as their expertise in your desired area of study. It doesn't seem as though a deciding factor in choosing a school is the success of their graduate turnout.
We take a look at the top reported official gold holdings of individual countries (as of December 2014) based on information from the World Gold Council.
When considering best trading practices, it’s easy to discard the idea as too general and simplistic, or to default to the industry’s well-worn cliches. However, for both new and experienced traders, there are several rules that constitute a sound approach to trading.

It seems as if the hot topic lately has been the "will they/won't they?" conundrum between Greece and the European Union.

By now, most Americans have been bombarded with headlines announcing yesterday’s move back above the 5,000 level in the index, leaving the all-time high at 5048 less than 1% away.

Wegmans Food Markets, a Rochester, NY-based grocer with just 85 stores and one-tenth of Amazon’s revenues, edged past that online retailer to reach the top spot for corporate reputation among the 1

Indeed, things are shaping up here in the U.S., but unfortunately this has not been the case in Europe. From Greek drama to Russian aggression, bad news seems to be the order of the day. Until now.