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Has crude oil entered a new bull market, or has the recent rally just been a correction in an oversold market? Where do you expect crude to move from here?
The month of June is officially underway and with it comes the official start of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere – apologies to my Australian friends!).
Wallet Hub, which was launched by Evolution Finance in February 2012 as a one-stop destination tool providing information to consumers and small business owners to help them make better financial decisions, recently listed the best cities to start a business in.
How many times will the Fed raise rates in 2015?

As usual, we look at gold from different angles.

Can U.S. equities maintain a bull market if the U.S. Dollar Index rallies through 100 and remains north of 100 for a significant period of time?

Ever since Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen made it clear roughly a year ago that the Fed would stick with its tapering schedule an

With the movie "Trading Places" celebrating 30 years this year and the upcoming launch of our own video and movie player, Alpha TV, we looked back at our list of Top Trading Movies. We took a crack at this last year, but here are our revised and expanded choices.
We asked traders, now that it's experienced a correction, will the euro reach parity with the dollar? If so, when? And what comes next?

Following the Federal Reserve's dedication to patience, traders may have jumped the shark in an unexpected sell-off in February.