Trader Lists

We emphasize to our traders that sometimes you’re able to receive breaking trading news from Twitter tweets and worldwide news networks before the trading squawk boxes and financial news television report the story.
Here are the commodity trading companies driving trading prices and production. Futures Magazine publishes the ultimate list of top global commodity trading companies.
The ultimate list of global proprietary trading firms.
Futures Magazine receives many reader questions on the state of the hedge fund market. We selected a few hedge fund questions.
We surveyed active traders to give opinions on the top futures brokers. Great insights for futures trading and active traders.
Alternative Data is the hot new alpha generator for hedge funds and traders. We periodically survey and review the Top Alternative Data providers to deliver unique insights and alpha capturing ideas.
Before he was fired, former FBI Director James Comey has sought more resources for Russia probe. In a farewell letter to staff, Comey said the President had the full authority to fire him and would not dwell on the decision. Democrats called for an independent probe of the Russia issue.
OPEC has shown unusual discipline in sticking to production cuts in the first half of 2017. We asked traders, will OPEC extend cuts beyond June in the face of increases in U.S. shale production and what would that mean for price.
To help us sort through the Fed's remarks in anticipating its next moves, we asked traders, Will the Fed tighten rates at the upcoming September meeting in your opinion? Why or why not?
We asked traders, Does the strong job data for June mean the bad May numbers was an anomaly so the Fed can tighten as soon as July? Or is the Fed on hold indefinitely?