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Bob Moss had not even turned 21 when he began trading on the MidAmerica Exchange, and it wasn’t his first career choice. Moss was taking pre-med classes at Knox College but secretly wanted to be a professional race car driver.
Kenneth M. Jakubzak had been involved in futures markets for five decades, and after a short hiatus he has returned with his hybrid forex strategy Currency Program that produced a compound annual return of 16.02% over more than 20 years.

RXR  Capital  Management was founded in 1983 by Mark Rosenberg as one of the original cutting edge systematic diversified trend following commodity trading advisors of th

Aistis Raudys was introduced to the trading world as a data scientist working in the asset management department at Deutsche Bank in London.  He  holds a PhD in Artificia

Dallas-based Warrington Asset Management has operated its Strategic trading program for more than 20 years, however, it has only recently, since April 2015, offered it directly to customers outside of the wirehouse network. Warrington founder Scott Kimple created his unique options strategy while working with Shearson-Lehman Hutton, which would ultimately be acquired by Morgan Stanley.
Toby Crabel played professional tennis after studying finance at Florida Technological University, but was not making a steady income from it. In addition to competing on the circuit he was teaching tennis in the mid-1970s when he met cattle trader Tim Brennan.
Industry innovator returns to a traditional commodity market structure in launching new fund.

In a year when hedge funds are again

Back in the 1990s, approaching markets from a scientific viewpoint was anathema to trading practitioners, who tended to be bold personalities willing to take on risk.