Profiles in Forex

This November’s U.S. Presidential election will affect currency markets, and the challenge for the forex trader is to select the best strategy for trading it.

The sub-prime market crisis was the catalyst that caused a rapid unwinding of the carry trade, which in turn precipitated the crash in the stock and commodity markets as fund managers were forced to
Real estate investing paved the way for Rene Hartner’s venture into currency trading. Hartner’s early career was spent working in the engineering world for semiconductor companies in Germany, using
The foreign exchange market is open 24 hours a day and its daily volume is over $3.2 trillion. Since the days of Brenton Woods, central banks, commercial banks, investment banks, professional money
Peter Hanson’s career in forex trading started with a journey to Stockholm, Sweden. “It was the opportunity to go to Sweden that was more appealing than any of the other options. At that time, I
Trading FX is the ultimate intellectual challenge. Contrary to what most books and ‘gurus’ tell you, there are no cookie cutter formulas to trading FX, or any other market for that matter. The FX
Floyd’s first foray into trading was in 1994, when he worked as an institutional sales trader on the fixed income and foreign currency desk at Standard Chartered Bank. He was “not a typical trader in
Marek Chelkowski grew up in Poland and went to University there but even though he came of age in a communist system, he always knew that he wanted to trade and speculate on markets. “Somehow I knew
The first quarter of 2009 is coming to an end and as of March 20, 2009, when one looks at three major currencies vis a vis the U.S. dollar, it is clear that the greenback is looking better than at
Finding quality trading opportunities can be a challenge even for the most seasoned trader, but you can improve your system’s inherent probabilities when you work with multiple time frames. Many