Options Strategy

How do you trade your opinion that a substantial move in either direction in a particular market is imminent?
How do you take advantage of a flat options skew?
How do you build an options writing portfolio that produces a consistent smooth equity curve?

In October, West Texas Intermediate crude oil dipped below $90 per barrel for the first time in 18 months.

Market is in a pendulum kind of mood and options can expose some opportunities. Randall Liss discuses the Iron Condor.


How can you take profit on a winning trade yet maintain upside potential?
How do you take advantage of a near-term rally, which you expect will later falter?
How can you play an imminent earnings announcement that would offer no surprises?
What is an efficient way to go long vol and hedge your equity portfolio against a down move?
How do you take advantage of an expected explosive move higher and protect your down side?