CTA Trend Following model shows managers are long grains and stocks. Stopped out of Fixed Income.
R.J. O’Brien Futures Broker announced several promotions, giving new responsibilities to key executives as a reflection of the firm’s continuing global growth.
There have been rumors of recent financial distress at some proprietary trading firms that trade Eurodollar Short Term Interest Rates on the CME Group exchange. The latest block trades posted today confirm that one of these firms might have capitulated or sold the position to deeper-pocket hedge funds or trading firms.
Facebook Released Its Libra (Not GlobalCoin) Whitepaper. There Is A Large Amount Of Content To Digest But We Give Our Early Thoughts And Highlight Some Questions.
Dan Schnurman and Townsend Ziebold have joined Cowen’s investment banking team as Managing Directors. 
President Trump telephone call with President XI of China sets off  S&P 500 futures rally
Futures Magazine polled trading industry experts for insights on future FOMC interest rate cuts.
Crypto is higher this morning with Litecoin (LTC) now the only coin in the Top 10 that is negative. Bitcoin SV (BSV) is best performing and the only member of the Top 10 up over +10%.
Futures magazine relaunches with a more institutional futures and commodity feel. Expect more financial market analysis, research and trade ideas along with entertaining lifestyle commentary.
Bitcoin futures (BTC) volume had its best month since launch, trading nearly 300K contracts.