NorNickel did not release its title to Gold Fields cheaply. Just how irrevocable is the offer that places it in Harmony's camp?
Is Stillwater Mining the ultimate destination for a new precious metals security grown out of a combination of Harmony, NorNickel and Gold Fields assets?
It has been taken for granted that there are permanent, unbridgeable disparities between the gold industry's "Three Amigos" and its "Top Guns". A detailed comparison of how Goldcorp, Agnico-Eagle and Meridian stack up against Newmont, AngloGold and Barrick makes it clear that the distinctions are neither simple nor permanent.
Gold Fields' counter-offensive against Harmony is starting to gain form and aggression. Market signals Harmony must do more.
China correspondent Xu Zhiqiang provides a first-hand account of life on the frontlines of a command economy boom.
I was able to attend the Fall Dinner of the Council for Monetary Research & Education (CMRE), held on Thursday night at the Union Club in New York. It was as outstanding as this year's . For the next Spring Dinner Resource Investor plans to host its own table; we'll let you know how the invites will be dished out.
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