Market Analysis

Ida hit 95% of crude oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and shut down over 95% of natural gas production. The market is trying to determine the extent of the damage to refineries.
NFT marketplace OpenSea recorded all-time high daily users, volume, and transactions on Tuesday. We highlight notable transactions that have taken place since the resurgence of NFTs this summer.
Reports are stating that BP evacuated 4 oil production platforms and shut down U.S. Gulf of Mexico production. The storm will also slow down petroleum and natural gas exports and imports.
Last week, Coinbase announced it will expand operations into Japan and is partnering with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group for the effort. We look into the state of crypto in Japan and the competitive landscape.
If you'd never heard of Covid-19, then a bullish stance on crude oil would be a given. Still, Covid-19 fears weigh despite the current fundamentals.
Each day on the European market opening Anthony Cheung, Sam North, and Amplify Trading gets you prepared for the trading day. They focus on relevant macroeconomic insights and trade idea generation for the global macro futures markets.
The Victoria, Canada-based firm is now valued at USD 3.2 billion. We provide an overview of the firm's business lines and ambitions for the future.
The U.S. Dollar strengthened alongside reports of downgraded China oil demand expectations from Goldman Sachs, which helped push prices lower.
Treasuries have traded lower on the news of House Democrats' massive budget and in anticipation of the added supply via today’s $61 billion in 5-Year Notes being auctioned. In our opinion, this could just be a start.
CENTRE Consortium, formed by Coinbase and Circle to launch the USDC Stablecoin, announced that it will change the reserves composition for USDC. We contrast the change with current disclosures published by Tether for USDt reserves.