Market Analysis

Crypto is higher this morning with bitcoin back to the top end of last week's band. Volumes are up on the move and have finally returned to about the 30-day average.
December corn futures finished Friday's session on softer ground, spilling over into early morning weakness to start the new month. We are taking the light volume overnight/early morning trade with a grain of salt, as usual.
Slight weakness ensued ahead of the long Labor Day weekend and for good reason; outside of upbeat jawboning from both the U.S and China, there was absolutely no evidence the two sides had taken any real steps forward since announcing new tariffs on Friday, August 23rd.
Well, that was a crazy trading month. We take a look at what was working and not working in the month of August.
Crypto markets are mixed this morning with Bitcoin remaining in the range of multi-week lows. Volumes have again pulled back ahead of the North American long weekend.
Cooler weather continues to be a concern for the late-planted crop, if it stays in the forecast through the weekend, we would expect to see more premium come into the market.
What a week, the S&P is 4.5% off the Sunday night low and the FOMO melt-up is engaged.
Futures opened lower and barely noticed a bevy of economic data that was realized shortly after the open. Action again focused on upside call structures.
Yesterday, Bitcoin Fell $600 In 30-Minutes, Coins In The Top 10 Are Generally Down In The Range Of -10% Over The Last 24-Hours - We See The Move Lower As The Product Of Pre-Existing Downside Risk And Thin Markets
Production seems to be lower in cotton, so prices should move higher. Another factor that could come into play is the tropical storm Dorian headed for the coast. Cotton in Florida could be greatly affected.