Market Analysis

With Iran refusing to abandon its nuclear aspirations, North Korea test firing intercontinental ballistic missiles, and Israel bombing the Beirut Airport while militants fired missiles into northern
He also cites escalating violence in Nigeria, where militants have taken out two oil pipelines, Iran’s refusal to curtail its nuclear ambitions and terrorist bombings in India as primary factors
A massive fund liquidation precipitated by interest rate hikes, fear of inflation and a global economic slowdown has beaten silver back, giving up a third of its value in the last month. “Markets
The mid-June equity sell off hit the S&Ps hard, taking out the year’s low and suggesting the index could challenge the lows from October 2005. Fear of a global economic slow down, the newly hawkish
Coffee is one of the few physical commodities that has not benefited from the overall bull commodity market. Even the usual winter “freeze scare” rally hasn’t materialized this year. “A lot of people
Grains have been discovered as an asset class, says Stephen Davis, senior broker at RJO Futures, adding that food is the new market play. “During harvest time, this is just incredible.” Davis says
The U.S. dollar has been trending lower since mid October. But in mid November, it seemed to solidify on a strong jobs report. Then, when the U.S. trade deficit narrowed to $64.3 billion from
Daniels Trading senior broker Scott Hoffman is bullish, noting that Cisco Systems Inc. had a “knock-out third quarter,” and because Cisco sells network infrastructure technologies, it acts as a
Despite the outflow of investments by Japanese citizens and funds, Lien sees hope, as the USD/JPY is hitting critical resistance at 120, and the EUR/JPY at 150. And the weak yen will have a
“We have a complacent market,” says Ralph D. Preston III of Heritage West Financial. But threats remain and by mid November he expects the Bush administration to hold Iran accountable for advancing