Market Analysis

In mid-July, the EUR/USD was trading at 1.6038 and crude oil was $147 per barrel. Now the economic slowdown has gone global, oil prices have collapsed and the once mighty euro has dropped to 1.40.
Since trading as high as $12.84 per bushel in March, December wheat has retreated to below $8. “Domestically we have increased our ending stocks,” which are 574 million bushels compared with 306
Since late July, 30-year Treasury bond futures have rocketed from 114 to near 120. Jack Broz, president of the Marlin Letter, explains firms bought new paper at a yield of 4.7% and pushed rates up
In the first week of December, the E-mini S&P had retraced 50% of its fall losses, almost 100 S&P points, putting traders in a holiday mood. “Growth is the key word,” says Hector Galvan, senior
While the euro lost ground against the dollar in early December, few analysts think it is the start of a greater trend. The news from the Gulf Cooperation Council in early December could have been
Warmer weather, near-record storage levels and a lack of trading volume have dragged the natural gas market down, observes Dean Hazelcorn, trader for Coquest Inc. “After the Amaranth thing, you see a
With the U.S. dollar hitting a 10-year low and with a rocky equities market, you might expect gold to explode to the upside. Instead, gold has started tracking stocks and has put in a near-term low,
Dow Jones futures have been extremely volatile, the chart shows about one dozen 100-point moves within a half-hour in the second week of August. “The put-call ratio is about the highest it’s been
Despite an $8 per barrel drop in early August, the crude oil market is still in an uptrend, says Thomas N. Hartmann, analyst for Altavest Worldwide Trading. “We’ve got relatively stable demand and
In early July, wheat was trading at historic highs based on global supply and demand fundamentals. “We have a very short supply from the stocks-to-usage basis globally, and our domestic supply and