Market Analysis

With the U.S. dollar hitting a 10-year low and with a rocky equities market, you might expect gold to explode to the upside. Instead, gold has started tracking stocks and has put in a near-term low,
Dow Jones futures have been extremely volatile, the chart shows about one dozen 100-point moves within a half-hour in the second week of August. “The put-call ratio is about the highest it’s been
Despite an $8 per barrel drop in early August, the crude oil market is still in an uptrend, says Thomas N. Hartmann, analyst for Altavest Worldwide Trading. “We’ve got relatively stable demand and
In early July, wheat was trading at historic highs based on global supply and demand fundamentals. “We have a very short supply from the stocks-to-usage basis globally, and our domestic supply and
All the drama in the natural gas markets is on Capital Hill. Since early June, inventories have picked up and prices have plunged from $8.40 per MMBtu to around $6.50. “It’s simple. There is more
The British pound sterling surged to all-time highs against the U.S. dollar in early July as British interest rates continue to rise. “The U.S. interest rate policy is no longer setting the tone for
“Their exports are doing great,” says Jerry Furst, director of Investors Education Network, and while he is not expecting parity against the U.S. dollar by July, he does anticipate parity by
Holly S. Liss, vice president at CITI, says bond traders were pricing in a Fed easing, but that is no longer the case, given such factors as the unexpected rate hike by the central bank of New
The U.S. economy is in an abnormal position. “We have had four quarters of sub- 3% growth, with an average of 2.1%, if you include the first quarter of 2007,” observes Joseph Trevisani, chief market
Just over a year ago, sugar was trading near 19¢ per pound, a 25-year high. “The high prices encouraged expanded output and the weather improved tremendously in several of the key areas where their