Market Analysis

It would be nice to be able to open today’s commentary with a stunning observation relaying how the yen got trashed overnight thanks to comments from the Japanese vice finance minister, but we can’t.
A cautious tone was notable in currency trading by Thursday with traders trying to understand whether the recent epiphany that slower degrees of contraction don’t necessarily make for a recovery – at
Just as Japanese investors turned bullish on overseas bond offerings, investors crushed bond prices sending yields to multi-month highs. The latest market move coincides with Ministry of Finance data
A good foreign exchange dealer, so they tell me, is one who’d not hesitate to sell his mother. In a world where rumors lead to selling and facts lead to buying there is a strong relationship between
Australia’s first drop in the jobless rate in eight months announced Thursday turned out to be more than just a blip on the radar. Friday’s lower than forecast U.S. payroll decline was preceded by an
We maybe premature in our observation when we say this but here goes. The euro rallied sharply against the dollar as the investors sighed a breath of relief that the 22-member governing council
The outcome to the stress testing process was an early factor in governing the direction of the dollar as a media story circulated stating that Bank of America might need to raise $34 billion in
The dollar continues to move inversely to the fortunes of rising equity markets as investors continue to buy into the story that the global economy has passed the turning point. Financial companies
This week has more potential for shaping longer-lasting currency direction than any week this year. We say this because of the market’s fascination with the perceived turning point for global growth,
Let’s review. A frightening health scare capable of bringing trade to a standstill received the deserved attention of world governments before investors started trading this week. U.S. growth, or