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They're back! Oil prices are flying as commodities rise from the dead. Across the board traders seem to be daring to take a risk as economic optimism comes storming back. What does it take to inspire
Oh right, I know you heard from some people that oil rallied because of a bullish Department of Energy report yesterday. Now I would like to take the easy way out and say that the report was bullish
Well if you can’t fix the economy you might as well fix the weather. Who said everybody complains about the weather but no one ever does anything about it. Obama is. The Times on Line reports that,
Hey, Hey, did oil ever think there might be another way? To just feel better, just feel better about today. Oh no, if you never want to shop, to turn and drive away, You might feel better, might feel
And it will likely be for an extended period. Big bad Ben Bernanke talks about an exit strategy from his policy of mutative easing in today’s Wall Street Journal and says they have a plan when the
Markets posted another strong week as they continue to push up, Monday’s trading session saw the markets higher as the Leading Indicator report showed a 0.7% increase, up beating earnings gave way to
ELX Futures has officially launched its futures operation. The exchange now offers U.S. treasury futures contracts on its electronic platform. On July 1, Newedge USA, LLC, announced it would become a
ELX CEO Neal Wolkoff, said, “Our prices were continuously in lockstep with the Chicago market all day. With an hour to go we’ve had over 8,000 trades resulting in more than 19,000 contracts traded.
Sterling leads the list of currencies losing against the dollar and yen amid widespread expectations the Bank of England will exercise its quantitative easing expansion option by purchasing an
Last Thursday Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Chairman and CEO Bill Brodsky HYPERLINK "" recommended a merger of the