Market Analysis

The E-mini S&P still has another high in it, says Dominick Mazza, founder of He says that based on Elliott Wave principles, the market is in a “fourth wave flat” and buying time
It’s all about technology with the Nasdaq 100 E-mini futures, which traded at high levels before their 10% sell off at the beginning of November. Analysts say tech stocks are part of the reason for
“All the commodities are really strong, and that is a positive for the Canadian economy,” says Brian Dolan, chief currency strategist for But a setback in oil could slow the advancing
Since early October soybeans have advanced more than a dollar to trade near $10.50 per bushel. “The motivation is the worldwide demand for energy,” says Elaine M. Kub, commodity analyst for DTN, and
After being range-bound between 1550 and 1575, the S&P E-mini finally broke through, setting an all-time high of 1586.75. “This market completely ignores bad news,” says Larry Levin, president of
Back in 2004, when people still did things like build new houses, lumber futures were trading at $460 per 1,000 square feet; but with the housing market now in shambles, the lumber industry has been
Since early September coffee prices have rallied from $1.15 per pound to nearly $1.40. “If they don’t get decent rain, it will be $1.50 or more, easy,” says John P. Casey, president of Anderson & Co.
Wheat supplies are tight and getting tighter, driving prices to all-time highs, and yet non-U.S. buying continues. “Countries that passed at $6 and $7 dollars are now buying at $8. It has gone
As we head into October, hurricane season has been a nonevent from a supply standpoint and natural gas inventories are 10% higher than the five-year average. As a result, prices have collapsed since
With the uncertainty in the stock market and with mortgage based securities in shambles, 10-year Treasury notes have been a logical destination for those on a flight to safety, and since June, the