Market Analysis

The summer driving season is fast approaching! Will it be a boom or a bust? The economic recovery may come down to miles per gallon as the market is trying to gauge where we are at in this economic
Saudi Arabia’s oil minister and the most influential member of the OPEC cartel says that he thinks that oil prices could exceed the previous record above $147 a barrel in the next two or three years.
Energy bears are stunned. They say it is impossible and there is no reason for it. Energy seems to be defying gravity. The bears and the rest of the world are waking up to the fact that something has
Oil bears are stressed out as oil soars on a heavy dose of economic optimism and a double dose of short covering. A much better than expected jobs loss number from ADP and a smaller draw in crude
Bottom’s up. A toast to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke who says the economy is bottoming and should turn up by the end of the year. I will drink to that. Of course did we really need Ben to tell us that?
If the fundamentals on oil are so bearish then why did oil close at a new high for the year? Oil bears be on guard as the fundamentals in the oil market are transcending traditional measures of
Oil prices retreated initially on fears that the H1N1 virus - the swine flu - would cut into travel and reduce economic activity and thereby reduce the demand for oil. Of course we are not supposed
Oil prices hit a new six-month high as a chorus of analysts and traders lament that the fundamentals do not justify the move. Yet is oil ignoring the fundamentals or are these traders and analysts
The oil bull controlled the market last week but the bears are trying to mount a comeback. Oil prices are pulling back a bit after last week’s impressive run as the bulls are looking for the
When the missiles start to fly and rouge nations test nuclear weapons, it appears that money comes crawling back to the world’s lone super power. A rush back to the safety of the dollar is driving