Market Analysis

The U.S. economy is in an abnormal position. “We have had four quarters of sub- 3% growth, with an average of 2.1%, if you include the first quarter of 2007,” observes Joseph Trevisani, chief market
Just over a year ago, sugar was trading near 19¢ per pound, a 25-year high. “The high prices encouraged expanded output and the weather improved tremendously in several of the key areas where their
“The market has priced in all the good news available,” says Carley Garner, senior analyst at Alaron Las Vegas. “We had a run up in anticipation of earnings, and the market has priced in a Fed funds
Rod David, president of is bearish the yen. Back in January he noticed a “reverse descending triangle,” one that begins at its apex and expands to include three lows at 0.8350. “It’s a
Cocoa has been one of the darlings of 2007, says James Cordier, head trader at Liberty Trading. “And if you believe in the commodity bull run, it has the best fundamentals: smaller production in 2007
As the S&P 500 reeled from the late February early March correction, few predicted the market would bounce back so aggressively, adding almost 80 points, worth $40,000, since March 14. “There was so
Corn was already in a downward correction when the USDA planting intention report, released in March, indicated a planting intention of 90 million acres, a 12 million acre increase over last year,
After peaking at $1.33 per lb. in mid December, coffee turned lower and the sell-off appears to be accelerating. “We have had a great deal of producer selling,” says James Cordier, head trader at
Encroaching corn acreage and the developing viability of soybean oil based biodiesel has helped push May beans above $8 per bushel, and traders are eager to see the March 30 planting intentions
Sometimes people need a reminder that markets go down as well as up. And traders won’t soon forget the day the Shanghai Stock Index tripped and fell, giving up 9% of its value, and triggered a