The growing demand to collect and store data has put pressure on organizations across various industries. Cloud access and capacity have become commodites and there is now a market to trade and hedge them.
New exchanges and markets launch all of the time and most fail. Few people have had such success in creating not only new markets but completely new categories of markets as Richard Sandor.
The DAX is an important market in Europe, which makes it highly influential on U.S. markets.
Dairy is a huge cash market and Class III futures is beginning to grow into it.
The foreign exchange market dwarfs the liquidity of every other traded market by a substantial margin, with more than $5 trillion in average daily volume.
Nearly one year ago, The Alpha Pages featured the story of an emerging stock exchange based on sports earnings where traders could invest directly into the future income and cash flows of NFL players.
Single stock futures have not turned out as they initially were planned, but they may be ready for a breakout.

Bitcoin headlines tend to come in one of four flavors.