Currencies are a difficult concept for Americans to understand. Just ask President Donald Trump, who reportedly called his national security advisor at 3 a.m.

There has been a lot of distressing analysis regarding China’s economy and its impact on global growth, but the world’s second largest economy finally could be turning around. There is evidence that a Chinese economic recovery is near. This is in stark contrast to the majority of economists and analysts that say there is more pain in store for China. Many analysts are predicting the slowdown could escalate into a hard landing.

The Chinese market is a top prize in the oil industry, and for months a buzz has spread that Russia is poised to overtake Saudi Arabia as China’s top supplier.

When it comes to global risk, it is all about China these days and China has many issues as it evolves from an emerging economy.

Almost exactly six years ago, the International Olympic Committee awarded Rio de Janeiro the “privilege” of hosting the 2016 Olympics, and frankly, who could blame them? 

Current volatility in the Chinese stock market may have come to many as a shock.

The sheer size and importance of China’s equity markets cannot be overstated.