Investors will get their first peek of the year into hedge-fund managers’ holdings in mid-February as they file updated 13F disclosures.
Using the information from SEC-required 13F disclosures has proven to be an effective way to access world-class investors’ stock-picking prowess without the expense of investing directly in hedge funds.
The healthcare sector has been one of the U.S. economy’s strongest during the recovery from the Great Recession.
There have been countless articles written on active vs. passive investing. They almost all conclude that over time only 15% to 20% of active funds outperform their passive benchmark.

The WhaleIndex, a proprietary long-only index composed of leading hedge fund managers’ highest-conviction stocks, provides a starting point for identifying potential value in a dismal market sector

Trian Partners is a multi-billion dollar asset management firm founded in 2005 by Nelson Peltz, Peter May and Edward Garden.
Block trading activity insights from Whale Wisdom
Block trading activity insights from Whale Wisdom
A lucrative yet little-known source of market insight is public 13D/G SEC disclosures of activist investors.