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  • CDS: Still the object of desire

    Here is the full pdf of the Turner Review white paper mentioned in Steve Zwick's May 2009 Trade Trends story.


  • Technical analysis in event-driven markets

    Below you will find additional powerpoint from Jeff Greenblatt's March 2009 Trading Techniques article.


  • High risk, high volatility - high reward

    Below you will find the codes that accompanied Murray Ruggiero's December 2008 Technology and Trading story.

    Download Code 1 | Download Code 2 | Download Code 3

  • Indexing Global Crop Risk via Satellite Sensory Microwave Imaging (SSMI)

    Here's the study by Alan Basist & Robin Hult, Commodity Hedgers Inc. referenced in the September 2006 article: "Microwave imaging that predicts yields."


  • Top traders of 2002

    Here's the contact information for the top futures traders of 2002. Referenced article: "Return of the long-term trend followers," March 2003.


  • POV-Ray code

    Scene code for the three-dimensional market price chart for use with the POV-Ray graphics software. Referenced article: "Market fishing in four dimensions," September 2002.


  • Intermarket report

    Details on the intermarket relationship of silver and the10-year Treasury note. Referenced articles: "What makes a system a winner," May 2002.


  • T-bond forecasts

    From 1998 through 2001, Futures published four articles that correctly anticipated 2001's extended trends in T-bonds. Here are those articles, with each previous article hyperlinked from the more recent article for convenience.


  • Gap-based trading system

    MetaStock file format for gap systems discussed in three-part series on turning gaps into trading systems. I>Referenced articles: "Turning chart patterns into trading systems," April 1999 to June 1999.


  • Optimal f calculator

    Program for calculating the optimal f and probability of ruin for a database of trades. Referenced articles: "Beyond analysis: Sizing your trade," December 1997, and "Balancing act," September 1995.


  • Options primer

    An options primer for traders. Referenced article: "Using options the spec way," July 1994.


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