Hi Traders!

We are thrilled to announce that we are adding a great new feature to to help you through the trading day.

Each trading day going forward, traders can listen to live, streaming squawk box commentary on coming directly from the S&P trading pits in Chicago.

Ben Lichtenstein, founder of TradersAudio, member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and long-time trading floor veteran has more than earned his trading jacket over his past 15 years in the pits. The value of his squawk box subscription services to traders seeking a competitive edge is unmistakable, as Ben’s real-time commentary provides traders with critical data from the immediate impact of news on actual price activity, as well as an assessment of the prevailing directional bias and psyche of traders.

Listen to this extraordinary (and historically significant) example of Ben’s live-calling as the infamous flash crash unfolded on May 6, 2010.


Going forward, you can find TradersAudio Pit Talk streaming live daily during trading hours under the TRADING FLOOR tab on our site navigation.

Listen-in every day. If Ben turns up the volume, you probably should too.

Ben Lichtenstein

Ben Lichtenstein is a 20-year veteran of the futures market, the president of, a CNBC regular and the voice behind the trade-by-trade action from the S&P 500 Pit. During cash trading hours, Ben live squawks the flow of trading providing real-time commentary on price activity and the human element which ultimately determines the direction of the market.


TradersAudio provides the most informative factual broadcast available for serious traders looking for up-to-the-second market information, Bid/Ask quotes, intensity level, atmosphere and institutional activity.