September 2017

By Modern Trader staff
In three issues of Modern Trader, beginning with the December 2016 issue and ending with the April 2017 issue, Paul Cretien detailed the response of six currencies – euro, Swiss franc, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar and Japanese yen – to the pound’s price decline following the Brexit vote. He suggested their central bank would defend export markets by weakening the currencies, which also would strengthen the U.S. dollar.
By Garrett Baldwin
Sentieo is a producer of an intuitive, powerful financial data platform with document search, research management, equity data terminals and more. The product is web-based, but also has apps for desktop, iPhone, iPad, android and an excel plugin. It wasn’t enough to simply review the product. We asked to see it in action. During our discussion, we quickly discovered that Sentieo had developed a tool that helped investment professionals and anyone in the research industry generate ideas and tell a story.
By Garrett Baldwin
While the restaurant sector is robust, it is facing many risk factors, chief of which are expectations of growth that harken back to the dot-com bubble. In addition to the unreasonable expectations, our restaurant sector focus dives into the key threats and opportunities affecting the bottom line of restaurant companies in the United States. As explained by former McDonald’s President and CEO Ed Rensi, the decline in retail mall traffic has been a major factor in the ongoing decline in chain restaurant sales. From the third quarter 2015 to the fourth quarter of 2016, chain restaurant sales fell by 2.4%.
By Dining Stocks Online
Chipotle Shares Break Below $400, Getting Closer to an Upgrade; Kona Grill Negotiates Credit Line Changes
By Modern Trader staff
The restaurant sector faces major headwinds, but opportunities as well. The proper deployment of technology will be key to who survives the likely consolidation.
By Garrett Baldwin
During Ed Rensi’s 14-year term as president and CEO, McDonald’s experienced phenomenal growth. U.S. sales doubled to more than $16 billion, the number of the U.S. restaurants grew from nearly 6,600 to more than 12,000, and the number of U.S. franchisees grew from 1,600 to more than 2,700. Under Rensi’s leadership, McDonald’s became the most recognized brand in the world, the next being Coca-Cola.
By Jeff Joseph
Starting his McDonald’s career as a grill man and part-time manager trainee in 1966, Ed Rensi would advance to President and CEO of the iconic brand from 1991-1997.
By Daniel P. Collins

For a little more than 30 years live cattle has traded in a range between $50 and $100 per hundred-weight. At the beginning of the current decade cattle prices rallied from under $100 to more than $170. That rally peaked in late 2014 and cattle entered a bear market that took it back under $100 in late 2016 (see “Cow jumps over the moon” below).

By Daniel P. Collins
Over the years as we have covered various sectors — from energies to stocks and stock indexes to fixed income to forex; and different asset classes from futures to equities to exchanges traded funds — trading has grown more complex.
By James Cordier

You may have seen the television commercials where movie and television actor William Devane drives home the point of spiraling national debt, framing it as an alarming reason to buy gold now. If so, you’ll more or less understand the biggest reason the majority of the U.S. public buys gold: security.

By Harriet Lefton
Smart traders follow managers and analysts with a proven track record of success, which is why it is good to know what a hedge fund managers’ three favorite restaurant stocks are.
By Modern Trader staff
In three issues of Modern Trader, beginning with the December 2016 issue and ending with the April 2017 issue, Paul Cretien detailed the response of six currencies – euro, Swiss franc, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar and Japanese yen – to the pound’s price decline following the Brexit vote. He suggested their central bank would defend export markets by weakening the currencies, which also would strengthen the U.S. dollar.
By Matthew Difrisco
For a restaurant stock pairs trade we tapped one of the sector’s leading analysts for his best long and short picks.
By Doug Busch
Texas Roadhouse (TXRH) is a best in breed restaurant play, which has rallied by 6% year-to-date and 13% during the last 12 months, sporting a dividend yield of 1.6%. Earnings have struggled, though the May 2, Q1 report showed growth of 11.6% following three consecutive negative reports.
By John Blank
According to Chemical Engineering News, chemical firms releasing Q1-2017 financial results reported strong demand for a broad range of products including seeds, electronic materials and textile dyes. Several firms posted Q1 earnings growth that exceeded expectations.
By Christine Short
Technology is becoming a key component of who survives in the current landscape, with mobile applications and touch screen kiosks helping to reduce staff, and creating a more efficient ordering and pickup process. Starbucks (SBUX) is without doubt the pioneer in this space, with mobile payments making up 29% of all transactions at this point.
By Sahm Adrangi
ViaSat considers itself a leader in satellite technology, capable of producing bandwidth economics competitors can’t match. For the sliver of revenue generated from delivering broadband to an airplane, that may be true. Unfortunately, its technology is no match for terrestrial internet providers today, let alone during the next few years as terrestrial competitors dramatically increase speed, capacity and coverage through rapid technological advancements.
By John Rawlins
McDonald's has been on a tear since the election and has entered hyper drive this spring, rallying more than 20% in the second quarter alone. This pushed the world’s most famous fast food restaurant into overbought territory in the CPO. This creates a good selling opportunity as the CPO expects McDonalds to correct in the third quarter.
By Andy Waldock
A look at long-term trends of commercial interest in the CFTC’s “Commitments of Traders” report.
By Matt Weller
For at least half a decade now, Federal Reserve skeptics have leveled one complaint against the central bank above all others: that the Fed is “behind the curve.”
By Joe Cornell
Akcea Therapeutics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ionis Pharmaceutical, is a $6.54 billion market cap firm that is expected to IPO on June 30. Akcea Therapeutics recently initiated a strategic partnership with Novartis Pharmaceuticals and has begun receiving related payments.
By Matt Litchfield
Even with record inflows into exchange-traded funds and dozens of publicly traded names to choose from, there’s only one ETF devoted to the restaurant industry, the aptly tickered USCF Restaurant Leaders Fund.
By Dan Keegan
In October of 2015, MCD began serving breakfast all day. MCD then had a breakout during the next eight months, closing at $131.60 on May 10, 2016. MCD was obviously out of its rut. By Oct. 20, 2016 MCD corrected to $110.57, and has been a moonshot ever since, closing at $156.58 on July 12, 2017. That’s a 41% gain in less than 10 months.
By A. Barton Hinkle
For years, environmentalists have blasted “climate science deniers” for refusing to accept the evidence for human-caused global warming. But what about economic-science deniers?
By Tamarah Webb

You might not be aware of it, but chances are good you have experienced Arnold “Arnie” Morton’s take on steak. Fans of Arnie’s steaks know him as a legendary Chicago restaurateur. Morton passed away at the age of 83 in May 2005, but is remembered for changing the face of Chicago’s dining and nightlife scene and defining the great American steakhouse.

By Ben Dahl

There’s no substitute for a great local butcher that you can drop by on at a moment’s notice to pick up a great cut of meat. But, these five mail order meat companies have unusual, drool-worthy and high quality selections of some of the finest meats that they’ll deliver right to your doorstep.

By Modern Trader staff

Having just returned from libertine Las Vegas attending the Libertarian-leaning Freedom Fest, I was ready to discount this latest taxpayer-funded, fed effort to curb fraudsters as another example of wasteful and ineffective government spending.

By Modern Trader staff

There are moments in television where you want to root hard for the underdog. With IFC’s first season of Brockmire, you just want to watch the world burn down around them.

The Funny-or-Die production is a character study into the absurdity of baseball, small-town America’s economic misery, and what happens if you let people get in their own way.

By Modern Trader staff

Survey findings…

• While men and women are equally likely to tip restaurant servers, men say they’re more generous, the survey shows. 59% of men say they leave a tip that exceeds 15% of the bill, versus just 47%of women.

By Steve Beckner
As the FOMC said in mid-June after raising the Federal Funds rate for the second time this year, but just the fourth time since leaving the zero lower bound in December 2015, “monetary policy remains accommodative, thereby supporting some further strengthening in labor market conditions and a sustained return to 2% inflation.”
By Daniel P. Collins
Dallas-based Warrington Asset Management has operated its Strategic trading program for more than 20 years, however, it has only recently, since April 2015, offered it directly to customers outside of the wirehouse network. Warrington founder Scott Kimple created his unique options strategy while working with Shearson-Lehman Hutton, which would ultimately be acquired by Morgan Stanley.
By Modern Trader staff


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