September 2015

By Garrett Baldwin
The debate about whether “trading” is a high-class sobriquet for “gambling” is not a mere parlor game. It has real-world consequences.
By Daniel P. Collins
HC Technologies LLC and Tudor Investment Corporation announced the formation of LaunchPad Trading LLC, a joint venture established to actively seek the next generation of trading talent.
By Daniel P. Collins
One of the first rules I learned at Futures magazine was never to equate trading with gambling.
By John Rawlins
Cycle Projection Oscillator: Rocket science meets markets
By Ronnie Moas Steve Reitmeister
Bet with... or...Against the house?
By Ronnie Moas
In order to come up with the best selections from 750 stocks from the Russell 1000, Standpoint Research looks at 155 variables from 32 categories and further breaks it down based on fundamental variables, technical variables and valuation variables to come up with one final T score.
By Steven Zhang
What separates investing in stocks from gambling on them?
By Rocco Pellegrinelli
If you’ve placed a bet on casino and gaming stocks globally during the past year, the trend has definitely not been your friend.
By Joe Cornell
The parts can be greater than the whole.
By Uri Gruenbaum
TipRanks tracks and measures financial experts based upon the success of their recommendations.
By Daniel P. Collins
Throughout the growth of the managed futures and alternative investment industry there has always been a push to find the next great group of traders.
By Jeff Joseph
Q&A with Aaron Brown
By Garrett Baldwin
CG Technology redefined Las Vegas’ sports books through its innovative mobile platforms. Now, CEO Lee Amaitis is poised to fuel the convergence of Wall Street and Nevada sports gaming.
By Steve Reitmeister
Zacks ranks industries & stocks to own now.
By Christine Short
Kids aren’t playing with toys these days, they are playing with mobile devices.
By Brent Plunkett
Block trading activity insights from Whale Wisdom
By Randall Liss
Everyone is looking for yield. Where can we find a decent yield that is relatively secure?
By Frank Holmes

The sheer size and importance of China’s equity markets cannot be overstated. Second in size only to the New York Stock Exchange, the combined value of the Asian country’s stock markets is $14 trillion and change. Or at least it was, before it fell 30%, wiping away nearly $2 trillion in value (see “China in three charts”).

By Matt Litchfield
Domestic equity markets have been eerily quiet in the first half of 2015 despite the merger mania that saw more than 4,600 M&A deals worth $875 billion announced in the first five months of the year.
By Garrett Baldwin
Nearly one year ago, The Alpha Pages featured the story of an emerging stock exchange based on sports earnings where traders could invest directly into the future income and cash flows of NFL players.
By Matt Weller
For millennia, sailors have sought to read the signals in the environment, leaving their ships safely in harbor if they felt the possibility of a typhoon was too great to risk venturing out.
By Andrew Zatlin
Have money, will vice. It’s as simple as that. Gambling and the broader economy march together.
By Yesenia Duran
Michael Delanois' trading pit
By Tyler Vigen
What do biology grad students do seven years out of school? They spend their billions at the casino, obviously!
By Hillary Choo

In July, Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) announced plans to offer trips to Cuba as early as May  2016 under rules that allow licensed travel companies to bring in American visitors who comply with the Federal regulations for approved travel on the island. In this case, cultural, artistic, faith-based and humanitarian exchanges between Americans and Cubans.

By Garrett Baldwin
CG Technology operates race and sports books at some of Las Vegas’ top casinos, including the Venetian, Palms, The Palazzo, The Cosmopolitan and the Tropicana.
By Daniel P. Collins
Grant Jaffarian has had a great deal of experience trading and analyzing traders.
By Jim Sinclair
Opinions and editorial
By Billy Williams
We’ve all seen stocks emerge from obscurity to run up enormous gains. Many share common qualities at the heart of the HAEN model.
By Christopher Mistal Jeffrey A. Hirsch
Actionable cycles, indicators and patterns from the 48th edition of Stock Trader’s Almanac
By Howard L. Simons
The industry is always searching for the next great trading vehicle. Some fail. Some excel.
By Kevin J. Davey
Too many traders add too many rules and filters to improve trading system backtest results. There is a better way to optimize.
By Murray A. Ruggiero Jr.
We’ve been here before: Computers poised to replace human trading ingenuity. Is this time different?
By Bill DeBuse
Trading does not have to be complicated. With a basic understanding of price action and crowd antics, a disciplined trader can find the right side of the market.
By George D. Rahal
A comparison of commodity futures vs. similar ETFs shows futures outperforming their ETF clones.