November 2017

By Modern Trader staff
MODERN TRADER provides cutting-edge actionable market research while holding analysts accountable. And, when we publish specific recommendations, we also will let you know how we did.
By Modern Trader staff
MODERN TRADER provides cutting-edge actionable market research while holding analysts accountable. And, when we publish specific recommendations, we also will let you know how we did.
By Jeff Joseph
MODERN TRADER surveys our readers frequently to solicit opinions on market events and, most importantly, learn how we can best fulfill our editorial objective of being the essential monthly journal for professional traders and active investors.
By Jeff Joseph
Mark Cuban is a businessman, investor, television personality, professional sports franchise owner and philanthropist. He is also one of the main “shark” investors on the reality television series, Shark Tank, but here he sits down and submits to our 10 questions.
By Jeff Joseph
Mark Cuban has never been shy with offering up his opinion, particularly in the world of investments. But when it was reported that he was making investments in an initial coin offering after calling bitcoin “a bubble,” we wanted to ask why.
By James Grant
As to the arc of growth and decline in the craft-money business, look no further than the rise and fall of the craft-brewing business.
By Daniel P. Collins
Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, while talked about frequently, has remained a sort of closed universe comprised of digital geeks. But its recent growth has attracted the attention of institutional players.
By Modern Trader staff

Hillary Clinton in her new book What Happened,  an account of semi-truths and misconceptions of reality by the former first lady and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate.

By Modern Trader staff
Sen. Chris Murphy, an advocate of single-payer healthcare, who will never have to suffer the experience of single-payer healthcare because he works in Congress.
By Doug Busch
One of the strongest bullish indicators is the weekly ascending triangle and upstart digital storage provider, Pure Storage Inc. (PSTG) is primed for a breakout.
By Mike Dudas
Chicago Bridge & Iron (CBI) appears strategically positioned in all its gas-facing and downstream end markets, which should result in 2018 being a turnaround year for CBI.
By Joseph Parnes
Advance Auto Parts, Inc. (AAP) the provider of automotive parts, accessories, and maintenance items for domestic/imported vehicles, and industrial vehicles has been given a “ticket to short,” due to a 20% plunge in a singular trading day.
By Christine Short
Equally loved as it is hated, Google (GOOG), or Alphabet (GOOGL) if you prefer, continues to put up strong fundamentals while in the midst of antitrust challenges and bad PR regarding its diversity standards.
By John Rawlins
The Cycle Projection Oscillator (CPO) is a technical tool that employs proprietary statistical techniques and complex algorithms to filter multiple cycles from historical data, combines them to obtain cyclical information from price data and then gives a graphical representation of their productive behavior.
By John Blank
The 18-company strong outsourcing industry is hot these days. It is ranked #3 out of the 265 industries that Zacks ranks. In the last week of August the covering analysts made five positive earnings estimate revisions and zero negative revisions.
By Alan Matthew
The first Burning Man festival was held in 1986. “The Burn” has since grown to 70,000 attendees as the essential annual mecca for performing artists, cultural iconoclasts, and Silicon Valley icons gathering in Black Rock City—a temporary city erected in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.
By James Grant
Quantitative easing was bullish. On this, you have had the assurances of former Federal Reserve Chair Ben S. Bernanke as well as the ocular evidence of rising stock prices, falling commercial real-estate cap rates and tightening credit spreads.
By Daniel P. Collins
In a sense all major economic stories we cover somehow relate back to the 2008 credit crisis; how it changed certain markets and how the reaction to the crisis by major central banks altered the equilibrium of the trading world.
By Tamarah Webb

By Steven Kotler, Jamie Wheal
HarperCollins Publishers
Published Feb. 21, 2017
304 pages

By Jeff Joseph
As daily observers of all market sectors, MODERN TRADER often chronicles the evolution of the business of music, particularly in the context of publicly traded entertainment companies and the soon-to-be public music industry disruptors.
By J Burr Vannatta
  • Average – 96
  • Standard Deviation – 3.2
  • Albums are scored 1-100 and standard deviation measures the album’s breadth of track appeal

In 1992, Lucinda Williams transformed herself from primarily a songwriter to a bona fide force in the singer/songwriter country, Americana world with Sweet Old World.

By Shruti Khetan & Jeff Joseph

In a recent issue of MODERN TRADER we panned Yayyo, a new Reg A+, pre-IPO, offering (see “J. Peterman is pitching this IPO,” MT August 2017). But don’t get us wrong, we are advocates of the liberalization of non-accredited investor access to private offerings under the JOBS Act.

By Modern Trader staff

1    Matlab

2    Portfolio construction engine

3    Outlook

   Technical analysis charts

By Daniel P. Collins
The explosive increase in the value of bitcoin is the talk of the trading world.
By Andy Waldock
There is a herd behavior of the speculative portion of the Commitment of Traders (COT) report that can currently be seen in silver, Dow futures and the U.S. Dollar Index.
By Matt Litchfield
Eight years into arguably the second longest bull market ever, has made short selling seem less a “lonely” activity and more a “suicidal” one as tacking against the euphoria has been a career killer leaving only a handful of exchange-traded products (ETPs) to choose from.
By Matt Weller
After an adventurous six-month period from December to June, when the Federal Reserve raised interest rates three separate times, the U.S. central bank has shifted into neutral in the second half of 2017.
By Joe Cornell

NACCO Industries (NC) with a stock price of $73 and market cap of $454 million (as of mid-September) recently announced a plan to spin-off its housewares-related business to NACCO shareholders tax-free.

By Michael Thomsett

The  problem for anyone in the market is the threat of loss. Owning stock means you risk a decline in the price, and this is where some specific options-based protective strategies are exceptionally valuable. One such strategy is the collar.

By Daniel P. Collins

Aistis Raudys was introduced to the trading world as a data scientist working in the asset management department at Deutsche Bank in London.  He  holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, which he earned from Vilnius University where he now lectures. He also holds an M.S. in Software Engineering.

By Suri Duddella

Chart patterns form purely as a result of knowledge-based bias work in the markets. The learned behavior of traders to buy and sell above and below the key support and resistance levels or around critical price levels (highs, lows, pivots) creates price barriers in the form of trendlines or channels.

By Mike Dancey

Before delving into the world of trading, a trader must decide on an approach to seek profits from the market. Traders will need to decide between a systematic approach—one based on specific rules that determine markets and entry and exit points—or a discretionary approach, which may include technical data and rules but where the trader maintains the final decision on a trade.

By Billy Williams

Surprise earnings, unexpected news events and unmet expectations of company performance create an element of uncertainty that cause many sleepless nights for most traders. Like an alligator lurking under the water, there are many unexpected dangers of stock market trading that lie just beneath the surface.

By James Cordier

If you’re a mainstream investor used to gauging price/earnings ratios or milling through bond yields, selling options on coffee futures may sound like launching a trip to the moon. Soft commodities are also sometimes referred to as exotics—most likely named by mainstream investors more comfortable with familiar assets such as gold.

By Perry Kaufman

Analysts seem to look down at the components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average in every way imaginable. The Dow components are an interesting group because they have extraordinary liquidity. At the same time, they are mature companies.

By Paul D. Cretien

The log-log parabola (LLP) options pricing model has proven itself to be a valuable measure for pricing and trading options across all asset classes. Here we will apply it across the energy futures complex, specifically, crude oil, natural gas, gasoline and heating oil.

By Daniel P. Collins

November  is  one of the best performing months for the major stock indexes and also the beginning of a strong multi-month stretch across all of the stock indexes. It is the month many technicians who subscribe to the adage “sell in May and go away” choose to re-enter the market.