May 2016

By Daniel P. Collins
Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Standard & Poor’s Securities Evaluations Inc. (SPSE) and Credit Market Analysis, two assets under the S&P Global Market Intelligence business unit, from McGraw Hill Financial.
By Daniel P. Collins
Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Standard & Poor’s Securities Evaluations Inc. (SPSE) and Credit Market Analysis, two assets under the S&P Global Market Intelligence business unit, from McGraw Hill Financial.
By Garrett Baldwin
Financial technology remains one of the hottest spaces in the startup community, with funding surging to $19.1 billion in 2015, according to KPMG and CB Insights.
By Steven Lord
Bitcoin’s blockchain has the potential to be a game-changer for the financial services sector.
By Christine Short
Financial technology, or “fintech” startups as they are often referred to, are having a moment. Final figures aren’t in for 2015 yet, but through the third quarter these companies received $10.5 billion in funding worldwide according to CB Insights.
By Garrett Baldwin
Since the first technician charted price and volume activity in a market, traders have attempted to devise ways to determine what the market was communicating. One group takes a step forward.
By Garrett Baldwin
Fintech Innovation continues to accelerate at a remarkable pace. And while competition is fierce — as firms jockey for capital and to expand their audience — the industry gathers once a year to celebrate the hottest startups in finance at the Benzinga Awards Gala.
By Daniel P. Collins

In July 2015, Modern Trader profiled six financial technical (fintech) firms presenting unique alternatives to the existing financial media culture. Each firm offered greater transparency, accountability and actionable insight to traders. 

By Daniel P. Collins
I have been somewhat bemused by the recent buzz surrounding financial technology or “fintech” as it has become known.
By Daniel P. Collins
The growing demand to collect and store data has put pressure on organizations across various industries. Cloud access and capacity have become commodites and there is now a market to trade and hedge them.
By Andy Waldock
A look at long-term trends of commercial interest in the CFTC’s “Commitments of Traders” report
By Steven Zhang
Predictive analytics from historical price patterns.
By Abe Cofnas
On June 23, Great Britain’s voters will decide in a referendum on the question: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union (EU) or leave it?”
By John Rawlins
Cycle Projection Oscillator: Rocket science meets markets
By Joseph Parnes

Finding applicable shorts in a volatile market presents its own dangers; however the prospects for long-term growth potential equities in the banking/financial sector have been fraught with uncertainty. One such company, Goldman Sachs, is poised for a maintainable rebound, and should be differentiated from its competitors. 

By Michael Thomsett
Covered call writers love the forward roll. It helps avoid or defer exercise, creates additional income and helps keep ownership of upward trending stocks. But there are potential problems.
By Matt Litchfield
The one error that both investors and generals often commit is a tendency toward always fighting the last war.
By Mark Hyman
Filters are designed with one purpose—to remove impurities. This is as true when applying filters to trading strategies as to your water supply.
By Jack Fonss
Timing is a more critical component of oil trading strategies compared to other markets and indices.
By Rocco Pellegrinelli
What a difference a year makes. This time last year investors were particularly bullish on banks as they were expected to benefit from higher bond yields, rising inflation expectations and an improving economic picture.
By Christine Short

The banking sector has taken a significant hit since the beginning of the year, with both the SPDR S&P Bank ETF and SPDR S&P Regional Banking falling 9% in the first nine weeks of 2016. Headline fundamentals have not looked so bad, but it’s forward looking guidance that has investors worried. 

By James Smithson
W. D. Gann’s methods have stood the test of time, but practitioners must use a number of techniques to solve the complexity of constructing annual forecasts of the financial markets.
By Howard L. Simons
Often, what we think should be doesn’t exist at all. This is the case with two currencies that most traders assume are closely linked.
By Anthony Mirafiore
Since the world’s first trade, traders have sought leading indicators for tradeable markets. Here, we use traditional technical analysis to explore a link between copper and stocks.
By James Cordier
Option writers tend to focus on equities, but often there are better premium collection opportunities in commodities.
By Steve Reitmeister
Zacks ranks industries & stocks to own now.
By Murray A. Ruggiero Jr.
New technology is unlocking greater capabilities of support vector machines. Here, we will explore the intricacies of how they can be integrated into a trading system.
By Uri Gruenbaum
TipRanks tracks and measures financial experts based upon the success of their recommendations.
By Timothy C. Summers

The use of ledgers to record transfers between parties is as old as money. The need for transactional recording mechanisms emerged as money became a means of exchange in ancient Mesopotamia. The ledgers of Mesopotamia were kept in temples, the banks of that time.

By Brian Twomey
Cross-pair allegiance is dynamic and can impact carry trades over time. Not knowing where your favorite carry trade stands can be financially destructive.
By Yesenia Duran
Luxury timepieces are a combination of beauty, artistry, technology and exclusivity. In some cases they also offer an extraordinary private investment opportunity.
By Daniel P. Collins
With opening day set for April 3, baseball fans were dreaming of World Series glory, while bettors were looking for a big payoff should their team win enough games to cover the line.
By Hillary Choo
As cocktail culture continues to grow and popularize, certain drinks continue to come in and out of the spotlight, and few cocktails are experiencing such recent popularity as the Negroni.
By Briana Borsellino
While many of us have been wrapped up in the diminishing returns of our NCAA tournament brackets, another spirited competition among college students had been taking place.
By Yesenia Duran
What's in Andrew Strasman's trading pit?
By Daniel P. Collins
Andrew Strasman has had a long and eclectic career in trading that began with a love affair with gaming.
By Alan Rohrbach
May has had a checkered past, literally.