March 2016

By Daniel P. Collins
What has happened in the past when the market corrected 10% twice within six months?
By Daniel P. Collins
Last July we published our August issue titled “Sell Stocks Now,” listing 10 reasons for why a significant market downturn was potentially on the horizon.
By Garrett Baldwin
Each time the White House pushes gun control measures, arms and ammunition stocks surge. After the President’s January executive orders, is now the time to buy a gun (stock)?
By Garrett Baldwin
Thirty million guns. That’s the number of weapons that, a Second Amendment rights blog owned by media group Salem Communications, projects Americans could purchase in 2016 should the Democratic presidential push increased gun control efforts as part of the party’s platform.
By Garrett Baldwin
President Obama doesn’t plan to stop discussing guns during his final year in office, a factor that likely eliminates the possibility that politics’ influence on demand is set to wane.
By Garrett Baldwin
Following San Bernardino, America’s mayors are renewing the divesting effort against arms manufacturers.
By Garrett Baldwin
The day President Obama announced the post-San Bernardino executive actions, White House adviser Valerie Jarrett appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to explain his decision to circumvent Congress.
By Garrett Baldwin
While an expansion of background checks grabbed headlines, another executive action may have a more far-reaching impact on the future of gun manufacturing.
By Rand Paul, Kentucky Senator and GOP Presidential candidate

On Jan. 5, President Obama  introduced a series of Executive orders to increase gun control. Our Founding Fathers would be aghast.

To date, Obama has issued over 1,000 pages of Executive orders, an unprecedented amount. Executive orders are only supposed to clarify existing law, not create new ones. The Constitution clearly states that Congress makes the laws, not the President.

By Daniel P. Collins


The Chicago Board Options Exchange announced in January plans to migrate its CBOE and C2 options markets as well as its CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE) to an internally developed matching engine beginning in August, according to CBOE CEO Ed TIlly.

By Joseph Parnes
Selecting shorts is a difficult art, however particular companies stand out as potential shorts when critical technical patterns emerge.
By Daniel P. Collins
What has happened in the past when the market corrected 10% twice within six months?
By Andy Waldock
A look at long-term trends of commercial interest in the CFTC’s Commitments of Traders report
By Brent Plunkett
Investors will get their first peek of the year into hedge-fund managers’ holdings in mid-February as they file updated 13F disclosures.
By Steven Zhang
Predictive analytics from historical price patterns.
By Abe Cofnas
Since the Aug. 11 surprise devaluation of the Chinese yuan, and the follow-on Aug. 24 “black Monday” Shanghai market sell-off, forex traders have had to be more cognizant of the impact of Chinese currency and Shanghai market movements.
By Joe Cornell
Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. (HLT), one of the world’s largest hospitality companies, plans to separate its real estate assets into a publicly traded entity.
By John Rawlins
Cycle Projection Oscillator: Rocket science meets markets
By Steven K. Beckner
It’s not just a new year; it’s a new era for monetary policy. Or is it?
By Garrett Baldwin
Geopolitical disruptions had a huge impact on markets in 2015 and have created greater uncertainty going forward. Is there a way to anticipate these events?
By Christopher McKee
When it comes to global risk, it is all about China these days and China has many issues as it evolves from an emerging economy.
By Michael Ourabah
Setting up shop in emerging markets can be profitable, but also risky. Traders must make sure they have all their ducks in a row before entering new territory.
The butterfly is one of the most popular options strategies. There are many different structures for a butterfly, from neutral to more bullish or bearish structures.
By Marc Nagel
Traditionally in the futures industry, it is a rule violation to fail to diligently supervise your employees and agents.
By Callie Bost
Whether initiated as regulatory policy, as trial balloons used to test public opinion, as tax policy or at the whim of a politician attempting to right a perceived wrong, legislative and regulatory proclamations coming out of Washington garner the attention of a broad swath of market participants.
By Matt Weller
Chinese New Year officially takes place on Feb. 8, but for traders, the traditional Jan. 1 New Year had a distinct Chinese component to it.
By Steve Reitmeister
Zacks ranks industries & stocks to own now.
By Christine Short
The outlook for guns remains strong for 2016, partially due to newly proposed executive action.
By Bill DeBuse
While innovation in technical trading systems is desirable, it is important to understand some basic principles that have stood the test of time. Charles Dow laid these out more than a century ago.
By Matt Litchfield

Forecasting isn’t a big part of what we do at our shop; mostly because a graph of any forecaster’s predictive ability from one year to the next would show a down sloping function between their accuracy and ability to add any value to your life. After all, how many forecasters correctly predicted equity and bond returns would be flat in 2015?

By Howard L. Simons
Does low volatility have you down? Perhaps you shouldn’t fret so much when liquidity concerns come into play.
By Paul D. Cretien
So you want to exploit opportunities in Eurodollars and Treasuries? Here’s what the data suggest we should expect in a rising short-term interest rate environment.
By Billy Williams
Stars are mature companies in the stock market universe. Meteors are the volatile movers and shakers. Both may have their place in your portfolio. Here is how you distinguish them.
By Bramesh Bhandari
The breadth thrust indicator measures market momentum using the number of advancing and declining issues. The indicator’s signals generally mark the start of a new bull market.
By Murray A. Ruggiero Jr.
Today’s advanced hardware is easing computational restrictions on advanced market analysis. Here, we continue our look at hybrid trading systems and how to apply them.
By Alan Rohrbach
U.S. economic data and select global influences
By J Burr Vannatta
Whitey Morgan may hail from Flint, MI, but his sound comes from deep in Texas nearly 40 years ago.
By Marc Nagel
Dodd Frank Section 747 brought us a rule against “spoofing,” which is the entry of an order in the futures markets with the intention to cancel the order before it is acted upon.
By Hillary Choo
The alcohol category as a whole continues to grow, but within each sector, certain categories have been stealing the show.
By Daniel P. Collins
From the desk of Levente Mady
By Daniel P. Collins
Toronto-based Goldenwise Capital Management does not take a traditional approach to trading and does not trade typical markets in common ways but it is hard to argue with their results.