July/August 2014

By Darrell Jobman
Commodities/Futures magazine had good timing as it started at the beginning of a revolution in trading and risk management. Here are some highlights from over the years.
By Darrell Jobman
Commodities/Futures magazine had good timing as it started at the beginning of a revolution in trading and risk management. Here are some highlights from over the years.
By Daniel P. Collins
July/August Editor's Note from Dan Collins.
By Ashraf Laidi
What is the best forex combination out of the 11 most liquid currencies as far as currency performance so far this year?
By Marc Nemenoff
Equities are frothy but you’re not ready to go short. How do you prepare for a reversal without missing out?
By Steven K. Beckner
The Federal Reserve keeps baby-stepping toward a “normalization” of monetary policy. But just what is normal?
By Andrew Wilkinson
Bond bears recently discovered that conventional wisdom was flawed. The experts expecting higher yields at the start of a tapering regime never understood the difference, but equity traders did once they got over the shock.
By Al Brooks
This first of six parts introduces the concept of price action trading and lays the foundation for a broader explanation of the technique.
By Michael Gross
For futures traders, summer often means grain trading. Don’t get burned by the hype. Take a cue from the pros for more consistent profits.
By Kevin J. Davey
To build a proper trading system that can be expected to make money in the markets, you must start with a plan—and proceed methodically.
By Howard Simons
Volatility wagers have always been a more complicated ordeal than an outright bet on price. Recently, a number of volatility-based products have simplified this process.
By Daniel P. Collins
Asia, water, big data, intellectual property and commodities that have not been invented yet will likely be the leading markets in the next 20 years, according to Richard Sandor, who has a pretty good track record on these things.
By Daniel P. Collins
Commodities/Futures magazine launched at the precipice of a revolution in the futures industry—really a revolution in the idea of risk management—that would move it from a small niche industry to an indispensable tool for managing risk as well providing an alternative investment to traditional stock and bond portfolios.
By Leo Melamed
Few would argue that the modern era of futures markets began with the birth of financial futures at the International Monetary Market of the CME and its launch of currency futures in 1972.
By James T. Holter
This issue of Futures does not only represent our 500th, it is also the 20-year anniversary of our Technology & Trading feature, almost exclusively written by Murray Ruggiero.
By Marc Nagel
The twin debacles of MF Global and PFG have damaged the reputation of the futures industry demanding an examination of customer protection rules. New rules are being implemented, which will add cost and complexity to FCM compliance.
By Thomas Dixon
Dever says he’d actually prefer if people disagree with his trading methods—it’s what gives him an edge.
By Garrett Baldwin Jeff Joseph
A new investment strategy is shaking up the sports world, and could change the future of investing if the trend accelerates. It’s called Fantex, an online brokerage that allows investors the chance to profit directly from the multi-million dollar contract of today’s biggest NFL stars. This month, we break down the profit potential and the risk management issues in this new phenomenon.
By Jeff Joseph Garrett Baldwin
Senator Rand Paul is an independent-minded thinker in the U.S. Senate, even challenging the conventional policy approaches of his own party on issues ranging from Iraq to drug sentencing. This month, Senator Paul sat down in the debut series of the Alpha Pages Interview to discuss the broken tax code, regulation surrounding Bitcoin, and his plans for the 2016 Presidential election.
By Jeff Joseph Garrett Baldwin
More insight from Senator Rand Paul on a variety of matters ranging from finance to politics.
By Michael Friedman
Bitcoin Poker sits at the intersection of currency speculation and online gambling. The potential to profit on only gaming is only fueled by the possibility of rising Bitcoin prices in the future. This month, Michael Friedman at Poker News breaks down how Bitcoin is reshaping the online poker world for everyday poker players, and what it means for gamers and speculators alike.
By Deirdre Brennan
Liquid alternative investment funds saw the highest percentage of capital inflows last year in a head-to-head turf battle v hedge funds for investor assets. As regulatory efforts heat up in Washington, Deirdre Brennan of FinAlternatives considers new questions about management structure and fees.