July 2016

By Daniel P. Collins
For years folks in the managed futures space have looked for a way to expand into the broader investment universe. That day has arrived.
By Daniel P. Collins
Odd Lots: In the news for July
By Daniel P. Collins
Our biggest gripe against the financial media? No one is keeping score. So each month we look back at recommendations from analysts and forecasters that appeared in our pages and rate their performance.
By Daniel P. Collins
For years folks in the managed futures space have looked for a way to expand into the broader investment universe. That day has arrived.
By Steven Lord
As unassuming as a hibernating mouse, Martin Coward’s latest fund focuses on the substance of scientific rigor rather than a flashy style.
By Daniel P. Collins
Jerry Parker is perhaps the most successful protégé of William Eckhardt and Richard Dennis, who launched the most talked about trading experiment of all time.
By Daniel P. Collins
When I joined Futures in 2001 my first beat was the managed money world. This involved researching, interviewing and profiling money managers primarily in the managed futures space. Through the years this has included several hundred managers and traders.
By Lee Partridge, CIO, Salient Partners
Managed futures provide important portfolio diversification and its main strategy, trend following, can be accessed through numerous beta products.
By Daniel P. Collins
Rule 18f-4 has the potential to not only stop the trend toward managed futures mutual funds, but to force out many existing funds.
By Joseph Parnes Michael E. Lewitt
Many traders and investors looking at the extreme volatility from “FANG” stocks: Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX) and Google (GOOGL) are tempted to find what appears to be visually appealing shorting opportunities. However, as is often the case, looks can be deceiving.
By Yesenia Duran
As successful traders take advantage of global opportunities, they look for any edge they can find to make the best trades. Sometimes any advantage will do, including being able to easily identify which markets are open for trading at a particular time — just by glancing at your watch.
By J Burr Vannatta
No Burden, the first major release for Richmond, VA. native, Lucy Dacus, is my top album of the year thus far.
By Hillary Choo
Each year millions of people flock to food and beverage festivals and events around the world. Just about every major city in America has at least one annually, usually in peak season and often highlighting cultural dishes common to the area. Many of these festivals have traditionally featured wine, but more and more are popping up showcasing spirits, cocktails and craft beer.
By Brett Barker
The career of a trader can only be learned through the experiences of managing real capital. Trying to learn how the markets really work, how one’s emotions play into the decision-making process and taking the risks of managing real capital are not the realm of academia.
By Garrett Baldwin

The 2016 SALT Conference is in the books, and investors will look at the rest of the year to determine whether the prognostications of the hedge fund industry’s top experts will come true or not. No shortage of headline and punchy quotes accompanied the hedge fund sector’s “Spring Break” in Las Vegas. 

By Daniel P. Collins
Few companies or stocks have been as well-regarded over the last decade as Apple (AAPL).
By Andrew Strasman

Ask a random group of people on the street what they know about trading in the financial or derivatives markets and they will more than likely reply with the standard “buy low and sell high.” While this age-old saying is technically and partially correct, historically, attempts by investors to pick tops and bottoms have more often than not ended in tears.

By John Rawlins
Cycle Projection Oscillator: Rocket science meets markets
By John P. Reese
The great value investor Ben Graham said, “In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine.”
By James Cordier
It’s a classic call sellers set up. A market with overwhelmingly bearish fundamentals and depressed prices catches a break. Speculators hear bullish news and jump all over it. Prices surge, volatility and open interest advance and the public rushes in to buy calls.
By Uri Gruenbaum
TipRanks tracks and measures financial experts based upon the success of their recommendations.
By Rocco Pellegrinelli
U.S. technology stocks have continued their relatively poor start to 2016.
By Christine Short

There is no doubt that 2015 was the year of the “FANG”: Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX) and Google (GOOG), are widely followed and the best-performing stocks in recent history. While they all play in the internet space, grouping them together is a stretch. 

By Andy Waldock
A look at long-term trends of commercial interest in the CFTC’s “Commitments of Traders” report
By Matt Litchfield
The stars perfectly aligned in 2016 as investors descended on Omaha in late April to hear from the “Oracle of Omaha” just as Apple’s (AAPL) disastrous earnings release crossed the wires and sent the stock plummeting roughly 11% in one week, wiping out more than $60 billion in market capitalization.
By Joe Cornell
MGM Resorts International (MGM) recently decided to spin off part of its real estate portfolio into a REIT known as MGM Growth Properties LLC (MGP).
By Alan Bush
There has been a lot of distressing analysis regarding China’s economy and its impact on global growth, but the world’s second largest economy finally could be turning around. There is evidence that a Chinese economic recovery is near. This is in stark contrast to the majority of economists and analysts that say there is more pain in store for China. Many analysts are predicting the slowdown could escalate into a hard landing.
By Howard L. Simons
Looking at the carry trade in our risk-on/risk-off world where central banks hold a tighter rein on money flows.
By Abe Cofnas

The advantage of using technical indicators is their efficiency and precision of signals. However, the challenge to systematic traders occurs when fundamental forces change. Ultimately, price patterns reflect fundamentals such as economic growth, interest rate changes and inflation.

By Billy Williams
Trend trading is all about timing. The flat base pattern is one simple pattern that will guide your entries and exits.
By Bramesh Bhandari
The money flow index uses both price and volume to measure buying and selling pressure. Here, we analyze the construction and demonstrate its application to various stocks.
By Daniel P. Collins
When we first spoke to the principals of Revolution Capital Management, they were playing up their new short-term Mosaic Program back in 2008.
By Garrett Baldwin
I nearly quit journalism again in May.
By Daniel P. Collins

One of the more depressing trends in the futures industry during recent years has been the decline in futures commission merchants (FCM).

By Steve Reitmeister
Zacks ranks industries & stocks to own now.
By Ian Domowitz
How well you trade is just part of analyzing your performance. You also need to question how much your strategy is costing you.
By Alan Rohrbach
U.S. economic data and select global influences
By Murray A. Ruggiero Jr.
Neural networks are powerful tools made more powerful by the technology leaps of recent years. Indeed, they can even be used to create rules from data. Here’s how.