December 2017

By Daniel P. Collins
In times of geopolitical stress, gold has always been looked to as the ultimate risk asset as a store of value.
By Daniel P. Collins

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced two initiatives in later September that will build on its Enforcement Division’s ongoing efforts to address cyber-based threats and protect retail investors. They created a Cyber Unit that will focus on targeting cyber-related misconduct and they established of a retail strategy task force.

By Daniel P. Collins
In times of geopolitical stress, gold has always been looked to as the ultimate risk asset as a store of value.
By Daniel P. Collins

There has long been an argument regarding how a trader should view gold: A precious metal, a currency, a hedge against inflation, a store of value in a world of fiat money or the ultimate risk asset.

By Tim Melvin

Gold is a store of value. All my friends say so.

By Scott Diamond

On Jan. 3, 2009, a wonder of technology was released into the internet wild. At that time, an anonymous contributor, named Satoshi Nakamoto, launched the bitcoin protocol upon the planet. Bitcoin was the result of a system outlined in a Whitepaper titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.”

By James M. Falvey

This is the time,
This is the place,
So we look for the future,
But… Tell me why, this is the Land of Confusion.
-Land of Confusion,  Genesis, 1986

By Daniel P. Collins

With  the unprecedented growth in volume and volatility of cryptocurrencies in general and bitcoin in particular— and perhaps more importantly the business media buzz  —  it was only a matter of time before a prominent exchange player would step to list derivatives on bitcoin.

By Scott Diamond

The most challenging topic for any bitcoin adopter is to justify bitcoin to an audience of non-believers or cynics who do not understand the language or the technology.

By Dennis Gartman

Many people are asking whether bitcoin is a legitimate proxy for gold as a hedge against fiat currencies and geopolitical risk. Bitcoin is competing with gold as an investment to offset the risk of currency devaluation and geopolitical risk, but for the stupidest of reasons. It shouldn’t be.

By Daniel P. Collins

We brought together an eclectic group of bitcoin specialists: Gavin Smith, Cameron & Tyler Wilnklevoss, Liza Aizupiete, Dominic Marella and Chris Tanger, who operate bitcoin exchanges, offer service in the space and trade cryptocurrencies, to discuss how it works and how it is traded.

By Mike Dancey

Last month we discussed the differences between systematic and discretionary trading strategies comparing broad index categories. Here we look at styles through global macro indexes.

By Michael S. Dudas
As metals prices generally grind higher, we believe investors will be increasingly seeking out attractive and cost supportive exposure to commodity markets in general and gold in particular.
By Daniel P. Collins
The world of futures and derivatives lost one of its greatest leaders when Les Rosenthal passed away this past September.
By Suri Duddella

Chart patterns look at the big picture to identify signs of future price movements. Using price history, most technical analysts and traders derive valuable information and probabilities for success and failure in the decision to buy, sell or hold an underlying asset.

By Joseph Parnes
BHP has enjoyed an overly positive growth rate due to the worldwide demand for iron ore for the production of steel. However, due to the sluggish price of iron ore, BHP’s recent positive run could be coming to an end and it looks to be ready to short.
By Charles Nedoss
As gold marches back towards the $1,300 mark, a sustained trade above this level will be a tough punt.
By Doug Busch

WestRock Co. WRK is a merchandising and display company that is up 16% year-to-date and 27% over the last one year period. It sports a dividend yield of 2.7%. Earnings have been marginally lower in three of the last four quarters.

By John Rawlins

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By John Blank

The  Electronics–Miscellaneous Components sector is a largely small cap industry. It holds 35 companies. This large number of firms makes the niche a lively, diverse and complex environment.

To better understand products in it, electrical engineers classify components as active, passive or electromechanical.

By Andy Waldock

There’s a longstanding idiom in trading, “Buy the rumor and sell the fact.” The information age has amplified this tendency because we have more information, not necessarily better information. Individuals being what we are, repeatedly fail in our attempts to filter this information accurately.

By Matt Litchfield

Tell me if this sounds familiar; you’re at a party and when you tell someone you’re a trader, they ask you how that’s different from being a professional gambler?  Now after a certain amount of well-justified outrage, it’s easy to understand why some might think the line between the two is m

By Abe Cofnas

The past two decades have engendered astonishing progress in trading technology and communications. The ability to trade currencies on our smart devices from nearly anywhere in the world has opened doors to both profit and risk for retail traders. The opportunity to trade transcends borders and is itself revolutionary.

By Brian Kelly

JPMorgan  CEO Jamie Dimon is at it again, calling bitcoin worthless and predicting its spectacular collapse. As a hedge-fund manager focused on the new asset class of bitcoin and other digital currencies, I couldn’t disagree more.

By Steven K. Beckner

Federal  Reserve  consternation about below-target inflation has grown to the point that Chair Janet Yellen calls it a mystery, but for now the policymaking Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) remains on course for further gradual short-term interest rate hikes.

By Daniel P. Collins

RXR  Capital  Management was founded in 1983 by Mark Rosenberg as one of the original cutting edge systematic diversified trend following commodity trading advisors of the day. It was the beginning of a long and profitable run that appeared to be ending last year, but has been resurrected as Ridgedale Advisors.

By Dan Keegan

In 2008, a bank liquidity crisis was touched off by toxic mortgage products. Unqualified borrowers were securing mortgages that were later bundled and securitized. That and the low interest rates led real estate prices to skyrocket. When that bubble burst there was a run on the banks. Many homeowner mortgages were under water and they simply walked away from their homes.

By Christine Short

Towards the end of the summer, gold hit its highest level in more than a year, as concerns around everything from interest rate increases to a stronger dollar encouraged investors to protect themselves. Oddly enough, however, recent geopolitical tensions have largely been ignored and have not set off a similar retreat to safer investments.

By JC Parets

One of the biggest mistakes for traders is to assign current equity market moves to whatever is leading the news cycle. You hear the irresponsible reports in the morning tying whatever nonsense is happening in Washington to whatever the market may be doing early in the session. Every 50 basis point move in the stock market is measured against the day’s headlines.

By James Cordier

Atlantic Hurricanes, Mexican earthquakes, North Korean missiles, OPEC cuts production and adheres to it; all with the heating season on the way. It seems that there are multiple reasons—any one of which would do — to expect a major upward spike in crude oil prices.

By Bramesh Bhandari

The Ultimate Oscillator is a momentum oscillator developed by Larry Williams in 1976 designed to capture momentum across three different time frames. This indicator is unique in that it combines three time periods: Short-, intermediate- and long-term into one oscillator.

By Paul D. Cretien

There are 40 quarterly contracts available for trading three-month Eurodollar interest rates futures. Currently, you can trade front month September 2017 Eurodollars out quarterly to the September 2027 contract. For each contract the price is listed as 100 less a quarterly interest rate. For example, on Sept.

By Daniel P. Collins

December consistently ranks as one of the best performing months for major stock indexes. It is the second best performing month for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq Composite and best performing month for the S&P 500 (see “Vital statistics”).

By Perry Kaufman
Trader wisdom on trading opening gaps in stocks and S&P 500 futures. But the best trades are during the earnings season, it is common to see a 5% or 10% move before the opening, which can either throw off a trade or enhance it.
By Modern Trader staff

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