December 01, 2010

By Daniel P. Collins
Jon Corzine is back in the financial world after joining MF Global as chairman and CEO in March. He talks about his vision for MF Global and the industry
By Daniel P. Collins
Futures commission merchants are still adjusting to the post-credit crisis world, and while many FCMs are reporting increased volume in 2010 they all are suffering in varying degrees from the zero-interest-rate environment
By Dalila Benachenhou
The relationship between U.S. and Chinese equities may appear too broad in some time frames, but short-term swings can harbor opportunities
By Scott Andrews
Calculating appropriate risk levels, including when to take none, is the key to trading success. The wisdom of Chinese philosopher-general Sun Tzu can help
By James Cordier Michael Gross
A bad economy can hurt. If you know the right option trading strategies, though, you can dull the pain. Here, we see how selling options on gold can help
By Yong Liu
Algorithmic trading can generate profits — or losses — in a short amount of time. The key is designing a system that is scalable and has robust risk control
By Murray A. Ruggiero Jr.
Electronic 24-hour markets have changed the face of trading. In the first of two parts, we examine new opportunities these new markets present traders
By Abe Cofnas
How to use a Nadex bull spread to spread forex risks
By Michael Mack Frankfurter
Proper risk management always has been central to trading success, but like everything else, market risks change and traders need to adjust
By Michael J. McFarlin
For a year that began with hopes of recovery, 2010 is ending with more questions than answers. Markets continue to move, though, and our analysts offer their picks for 2011
By Arthur Field
Looking at the cotton market with the rule of seven and price shocks
By John Rawlins
The Cycle Projection Oscillator (CPO) is a technical tool that uses complex algorithms to filter multiple cycles from historical data
By Ginger Szala
December 2010 editor's note from Ginger Szala
By Desmond Macrae
A review of the book "The Last of the Imperious Rich: Lehman Brothers, 1844-2008 Portfolio"
By Paul D. Cretien
A review of the book "Systematic Option Trading: Evaluating, analyzing, and profiting from mispriced option opportunities"
By Michael J. McFarlin
Like many commodities, copper saw a steep decline in mid-2008 as the financial crisis was in full-swing
By Michael J. McFarlin
While coffee began the year in a fairly consolidated trading range, it has exploded in the second half
By Michael J. McFarlin
Following the Fed’s initiating a second round of quantitative easing (QE2), crude oil has broken out to the upside
By Pablo Triana
Despite its probable role in causing the credit crisis, value at risk is still widely used today.
By Edward Laporte
Use a ratio condor options strategy to profit from a potentially strong bull move while protecting yourself from a second bear wave
By John Rawlins
The Cycle Projection Oscillator (CPO), a technical tool that uses complex algorithms to filter multiple cycles from historical data, is currently flashing red on the S&P 500
By Michael J. McFarlin
New employees and promotions in the trading industry
By Michael J. McFarlin
The May 6 "flash crash" left investors stunned and the SEC is working to try and restore that confidence
By Daniel P. Collins
The criticism of over-the-counter (OTC) interest rate swaps trading has been that it was conducted opaquely by an old-boys club
By Daniel P. Collins
The CFTC denied the request of retiring Judge George H. Painter to have his remaining cases reassigned to judge from another agency.
By Michael J. McFarlin
In addition to banning naked access, the SEC also approved measures to ban stub quoting
By Daniel P. Collins
Ever since the Federal Reserve took the dramatic action to move the Fed Funds rate to 0-0.25%
By Michael J. McFarlin
The trip from being a Ukrainian electrical engineering student to owner and principal of Bleecker Street Capital was a long one for Dmitri Smolansky
By Daniel P. Collins
Top CTAs for September 2010
By Daniel P. Collins
Hedge Fund performance for September 2010
By Daniel P. Collins
Public Funds through October 2010