WTI Crude Trading Has Tightened

August 10, 2020 04:28 PM
Heartland Investors

Heartland Investors

Crude oil trading has really tightened up over the last month, so much so that I have to show you the 2-hour chart in order to really see the action, but the upward momentum continues, with last week's high at $43.50 being re-targeted again with this week's Tuesday and Wednesdays inventory data.

The next cycle turn date is August 20, and, for now, one would anticipate it's possibly a high. Also seasonally gasoline usage peaks around mid-August. With it being a Covid-19 year, it's hard to know what a seasonal would be this year, as gas usage could actually be increasing as we go into the fall if no lock-downs are being pushed.

We have been targeting $44.50-45.00 as a potential price target for a high, with $50.00 being challenged likely at the beginning of 2021. Oil prices will get support from a declining U.S. dollar, which will likely pick up downward momentum after the November elections.

About the Author

Eugene Graner is the founder and President of Heartland Investor Capital Management Inc. He is a veteran commodity analyst, and broker with 31 years experience in the industry.