Insights From The Star Interview On Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin

Crytpo and Bitcoin Market Cap Story of Day

Crytpo and Bitcoin Market Cap Story of Day





Last Week An Interview Done By Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Was Heavily Circulated - In the story Buterin provided analysis around some of the most significant issues faced by the protocol limiting adoption - We provide additional insights.

While the first half of the Toronto Star interview focused around blockchain technology generally, about halfway through the focus turned to Ethereum specifically. Buterin described the Ethereum blockchain as being, 'almost full.' The costs, while already high, also reduce the likelihood of new builders / entrants whose presence would make the cost issues even worse (as they add additional competition for transaction space). Buterin then went on to describe usability, security and privacy as areas also presenting challenges. 

Crypto Insights:

Insight 1: The Ethereum core development community is clearly aware of the protocol's technical issues and it is refreshing to hear Buterin speak so candidly about them.

Insight 2: The problem the protocol runs into is through attempting to fix some of these significant technical challenges, through mostly hard forks, the initial decentralized vision seems further from reality.

Insight 3: While the protocol has technical scalability issues, there is also something to be said about the Ethereum vision having scalability questions as well.

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